Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sara Shepard Author Of Pretty Little Liars

I read these books years ago when they first came out. I thought the series ended after book 4. I was surprised tonight to find that there are 15 books and a 2 companion books in all. I absolutely loved the series and thought the books were great. I also loved the show and currently watch it. The books are different in so many ways than the show. I know the series in young adult and has nothing to do with romance. Well the girls in the books do bounce around to different guys but its normal teenage stuff. I hate when I start a series, fall in love with the books and think after 2 or 3 books the series is over, then years later found out there is indeed more books in that series.

The whole series revolves around 5 girls. They used to be best friends and after one of their friends goes missing in middle school, the 4 remaining girls stop talking and go their separate ways. Book 1 starts off with the girls in high school and they start getting these crazy mysterious texts from someone calling themselves A who threats to spill their deep dark secrets. I ended the book series on book 4 where they found out who was sending the texts.

The book series covers a range of topics from bullying, peer pressure, drug problems, murder, mental illness and others. This series is awesome and I had to write about it. I think I need to finish the series to see what actually happens.

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