Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Asking For Trouble (Line of Duty #4) by Tessa Bailey

I read Asking For Trouble before Officer Off Limits even though it's suppose to be the other way around. There really isn't a need to read Officer Off Limits first, except the character in Officer Off Limits may an appearance in this book a couple of times. They're are friends with the main characters in this book.

I enjoyed the characters a lot. Their banter and bickering was fun and light. I loved the dirty talk. It was different and seemed way more dirtier than previous books I have read. The book is a quick read and alternates between characters. It seems like all the bickering is foreplay. The characters have some serious chemistry. I also like the little pet names they give each other. They're cute.

Brent is rude, rough, sexy and charming all in one. He was a crazy sense of humor and loves to get under Hayden's skin. He can be protective and knows how to take care of his loved ones. He works 2 jobs to support everyone in his family. Hayden is rich, beautiful and hates Brent throwing it in her face how much money she has. She seems cold hearted and uptight at the beginning of the book. Brent and Hayden do not get along at all. They fight and throw hurtful words at each other every time they're in a room together which seems to be a lot since their best friends are in love.

Brent and Hayden get together sort of under a dare. They both are trying to see who would called off things first and things end up getting steamy fast. They're first night together gets interrupted by Hayden's mom. But to get back at her mom, Hayden invites Brent to a dinner party for the next night. Hayden wants Brent to keep things a secret. They end up sleeping together. Afterwards it seems like Hayden and Brent can't stay away from each other. They run into each other and miss each other like crazy. Brent keeps things a secret for awhile but then to piss Hayden off, he lets it slip in front of their friends that they were together. He wants her and he knows she wants him. He doesn't understand why they can't be together.

Hayden has a lot going on at home. Her dad is going to lose his company unless Hayden marries some rich guy that will loan the money to saved it. Hayden thinks about not marry the guy because she realizes she wants Brent. Brent and her end up in an argument and she decides to marry the other guy. Brent finds out and stop the wedding. The company ends up being saved another way.

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