Thursday, October 31, 2013

I Plan On Reading....

Next I plan on reading the Fall From Grace series by Christine Zolendz. It's 2 books in Grace's point of view and 1 book from Shane's eyes. It's a paranormal romance story.

Ten Tiny Breaths by K.A. Tucker

 Ten Tiny Breaths.
Seize them.
Feel them.
Love them.
This book isn't a slow pace. It jumps straight to the point. It's a beautiful story with pain, loss and heartache. The author didn't disappoint on this book. It takes the reader through the 9 stages of grief and how a person must go through them to get over a tragic event to live again. It's all about a healing process and the road to recover isn't always an easy one. There's that saying you can run but you can't hide and in this book it proves to be right. You can always run from you past. Start over and make your life better than you thought it was before. But, eventually the past is going to come back and it's not going to be pretty when it catches you.

This book is about Kasey's journey as she goes through the healing process from a horrible accident in which she lost her parents, boyfriend and best friend to finding love from an unlikely person. After a drunk driving accident in which she is the sole survivor, she ends up living with her aunt and uncle. It has been four years since the accident but the pain Kasey is going through makes it seem like it happen yesterday. Before the accident, Kasey was a sweet girl with her whole life ahead of her, but now she is Ice Queen. She lives in a shell where nothing can hurt her again.

One night she sees her uncle sneaking into her younger sister Livie's room and decides they can't stay there anymore. Kasey takes her sister and hops on a bus to find a better life. They find a small apartment in Miami and decide to call it home. They slowly start to put their lives back together. Kasey gets a job and Livie is going to school, everything is going good. Except Kasey is still living in this numb state where she has all her emotions and feeling locked away. Then, in walks her next door neighbor, Trent. He isn't who he says he is but he is the first guy that can knock all Kasey's walls down and make her feel again. Trent has a secret that could destroy Kasey if she found out and tear them apart. He is sort of living a double life. But he makes it his mission to make Kasey feel and live again.  Kasey and Trent become inseparable. He somehow puts all the pieces to Kasey back together. Trent's secret comes out and nearly destroys Kasey. He was ultimately the one that took everyone away from her.  He ends up breaking her not once but twice. Kasey basically looses her mind and gets sent to the exact hospital that Trent went to after the accident. The hospital made him come to terms with what happen and now Trent wants Kasey to do the same. In the end Kasey learns to forgive herself and Trent.

I love Kasey's character. She is both damaged from her past but strong. She wants a better life for her sister than her aunt and uncle were providing. She took on the responsibility of being the guardian to her younger sister. Trent is dreamy, sexy, has tattoos and rides a motorcycle. What is there not to love about him? I read this book right after Wait For You and I was still in love with Cameron from that book and having Cameron withdrawals. Trent was like another Cameron to me that I fell in love with. I wished I was Kasey sometimes just so I could get me a piece of him. I enjoyed the writing, the characters and the story in general. I love the end of the book that Kasey and Trent were able to over come the past and forgive each other. The book doesn't have sex scenes and its not really that graphic. It just always fades to black but you get the idea of what happens. However, the lack of sex doesn't take away from the story, I think it makes for a better story.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wait For You by Jennifer Armentrout

Avery travels hundreds of miles to college to get away from her home life and her past. All she wants to do is start over and be normal (which is understanding with everything she went through). She wasn't expecting Cameron. He's good looking, cocky(not in a bad way) and a charmer, which can be a bad thing or maybe a good thing for Avery if she lets her guard down. On the first day of class she literally runs into Cameron. He ends up being in the class she's running late to, her partner is the class and of course, he's also her neighbor at her apartment(she doesn't figure that out until later). She tries to avoid him at all cost and he is constantly flirting/asking her out. He's always around. He bakes cookies for her and sneaks into her house every Sunday to cook her breakfast(swoon). They start up a friendship soon after. He just wants to be near her and a friend is all she can offer him.

Avery has trust issues and secrets that keep her from getting close to guys. Cameron has a past he isn't too proud of himself. Even though they're friends you can tell more is going to happen between them. Eventually, Avery does give in to Cameron. She says yes when he asks her out for the billionth time. They start dating. She gets these creepy phones calls throughout the book from a girl back home. The guy that hurt her, hurt another girl and the girl is mad at Avery for not reporting him in the first place. Avery's parents are horrible and shouldn't be consider parents. They should of had Avery's back no matter what. There is kissing and sex which Cameron doesn't push Avery into. Avery tells Cameron about her past and supports her when she wants to go home to deal with everything. He helps her deal with her past as she does him.

I felt like this book was very relatable to me. I could feel what Avery was feeling and going through. It's not always easy to trust people when unpleasant things have happen to you. Cameron is always so supportive and always has a shoulder for Avery to lean on. The texting, banter and flirting was excellent. Some things that happen between them were funny and others were very sweet. The whole cookie thing going on in this book makes it very difficult to eat a cookie and not think about Cameron. The build up to them finally getting together was a breath of fresh air. I liked the slow, get to know you process they went through.  I loved how Cameron had to really work for his date with Avery. She didn't buy into his charm or good looks or gives into him immediately like most girls would have (I know that has to do with her past more than anything).

I absolutely love this book. The author brought up some ugly topics and she didn't make Cameron the bad boy never had a girlfriend until Avery type of guy. He had a past and change before Avery showed up in his life. Cameron is definitely on my book boyfriend's list. The book is told from Avery's point of view and I seriously can't wait for Trust In You which is the story from Cameron's point of view.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sweet Home by Tillie Cole

After reading all the reviews about how great this book is, I had a lot of expectations for it. It didn't live to any of the them. I thought I was going to read a great love story between star crossed lovers and that was not the case. When I read a book about college students, I tend to compare them to my all time favorite book Easy(I know that's not right or fair but I still do it). That's a great love story about college kids to me. However, this book is just a love story nothing great about it. The characters aren't suppose to be together but still find a way to be together. I was alright to me. 

I didn't like how the author made all the characters minus a few be country. I'm from the south and I have never had a southern accent, talked the way these people did or dressed the way they did. I don't know anybody that does. It felt like the author based the book on a stereotypically aspect of what the south is like. The only things she nailed was the weather and the fact that we do love our football(but who doesn't). 

The characters...
Romeo/Rome Prince is the star quarterback for the crimson tide. He's a senior and has been drafted by the NFL twice already but has foregone that to finish school. He's very moody, it changes in seconds. He could be happy to asshole with a blink on an eye. He's rich, strong, handsome, womanizer, controlling and all around bad boy. Girls want him but he of course only used them for one thing. He thinks he's god's gift to females. His parents dictate his life and have it all planned out for him even though he wants different things. He kind of reminded me of Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights.

Molly Shakespeare is a geeky nerd with glasses, messy hair and all. She is always studying and would rather be in the library then partying. She grew up poor and in foster care. She does have a backbone and stands up for herself when it is necessary. However, when it comes to Romeo, she forgives him way too easily and bends over to please him. She pleases him to no end. She annoyed me how she could be so pissed off at him one minute and then the next she was all over him. She needed to stand up for herself when it came to him. He also treated her bad at times and she allowed it. She reminded me of Zooey Deschanel from New Girl.

Shelly is the mean rich girl that wants Romeo. She has everything except Romeo. She is super bitchy to Molly. She acts like she is still in high school instead of 21 and in college.

Cass, Lexi and Ally are Molly's friends. They're always there for her. Ally is also Romeo's cousin and doesn't like Shelly.

The book...
Molly has had a lot of shit happen to her growing up. Her parents died when she was really young and her grandma took care of her until she died when she was 14. She went in foster care after that and a professor at her school saw she had no family and looked after her. Molly decided to accompany the professor to the states, so the professor can teach and write a journal while she worked on her masters. She meets Romeo the first day of class when Shelly does something childish to her. Romeo helps her out. They didn't have instant chemistry or passion or lust. Molly just thinks he's good looking. No clue what Romeo thinks about her. Molly and her friends join a sorority where Shelly is the president(of course). They have to go through a hazing thing where Molly has to kiss Romeo and that doesn't sit well with Shelly. She starts being really bitchy to Molly after that. Romeo can't seem to get Molly out of his head and tells her he wants her. They start a secret relationship that lasts a whole 2 minutes before they just decide to come out into the open. Romeo has to deal with family issues and his dad being abusive. Molly has some secrets of her own that scare her. Molly ends up pregnant and Romeo's mom ends up hurting her and the unborn baby. Molly leaves the states to go back to England. Decides she misses Romeo and goes back to Alabama. They end up together. The author make it seem like Molly is Romeo's good luck charm. Which I think if he just focused a little harder on certain things, he would do fine on his own. But, he thinks he does better because of her.

I hated the names the characters had. The author tried to make them seem like some modern day Romeo and Juliet. It didn't work. She also quoted Shakespeare a lot. It was annoying. Molly letting Romeo treat her like crap and Romeo having his controlling issues were big problems for me. Romeo seemed like a semi normal guy with some angry issues but as you read the story, you learn he has this weird problem where he has to dominate Molly. When Romeo was first introduced in the book, he didn't seem like that. I also hate when authors write books where the guys aren't boyfriend material then comes along a girl and she changes him. He wants to be her boyfriend although he was never had a girlfriend before her. Books like this give girls false hope they can change a guy when it reality that's not the case. It seem like all books are like this these days. Guy is a man whore until in walks a girl that will change him.

A Beautiful Lie by Tara Sivec

If you were given the chance to go back, to tell the truth instead of a lie to save someone's life and their feelings...would you?
This book was amazing. It has romance, betrayal, mystery, secrets, friendship and death. This book isn't like any other book I have read. It's completely different. It is full of twists and turns. I couldn't put the book down. The characters are hot, smart and have kick-ass attitudes.

Two best friends, Garret and Milo fall for the same girl, Annabelle Parker. Milo sees Parker first and makes a move before Garrett. They spend the next 8 years doing everything together; college, Navy Seal training and getting engaged. Parker works as a photographer. She also has a secret she kept from Milo and Garrett. When the book starts, it seems like Parker is a dependent and shy woman and she isn't that at all. She's strong, independent and takes shit from no one. She someone girls can look up too.

Milo and Garrett have been friends since high school when Garrett's family took Milo in from a violent family. Milo and Garrett were brothers in every way even though they're not blood. Milo died on a mission. His death seemed a little suspicious and Garrett not being able to get over it, is sent back to investigate what happen. Parker accompanies him as a photographer which he hates. He wants to protect Parker. They go undercover with fake names and act like a married couple to get close to the President of the Dominican Republic to expose the scandal. Once they get to the Dominican Republic, the chemistry between Garrett and Parker heats up. Garrett also has to deal with the guilt and shame for loving his best friend's girl.

Parker, Garrett and the Navy Seal team slowly figure out what Milo was investigating before he died. They get close to the truth. Then all of a sudden, Milo is alive and telling Parker he's working undercover. He tells her all these lies just so she will believe him and leave with him. Garrett gets mad, he thought him and Parker had turned over a new leaf. He always wanted her, he just never made a move because of Milo. Garrett finds out Milo isn't who he says he is. Parker get drugged and kidnapped. Milo's dad wants Milo to kill her. Garrett saves Parker, but not before loads of blood, gunshots and fighting occurs. Parker also finds out about her dad who she originally thought didn't want her.

The book is very suspenseful and slow pace at the beginning. There were times when I thought the book was going too slow and being repetitive. Just have to hang in there, it gets better. The slow pace fits with this story and makes a overall great book.

What I Am Reading Now...

Sweet Home by Tillie Cole.
It's pretty okay so far. Kind of boring for my taste, hoepfully it gets better.

Easy by Tammara Webber

I loved this book. I have read it about 3 times now and every time I finish reading it, I get super sad and depressed. I always wish there was more of the story. I know every book has to come to an end, but I didn't want this one too. I wanted to know what happen with the characters as they moved on in their lives. I loved the characters especially Lucas, the storylines, the relationship, the topics discussed and how relatable it is to young adults. I seriously hope the author decides to write another book with these characters. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Easy starts off with Jackie going to her ex boyfriend's(Kennedy) frat house's Halloween party with her roommate/best friend Erin. She decided to leave early and gets attacked and almost raped by one of her ex's friends(Buck-dumb name, I know). Lucas is leaving the party at the same time sees what is happening and swoops in to save Jackie. She doesn't want to report the attack and Lucas reluctantly takes her home. Lucas and Jackie start this friendship type relationship that slows builds into more. At the same time, Jackie also had been skipping her economics class due to her break up(she wanted to be in the same class as her now ex) and is behind. The professor decides to help her out and lets her make up some of the work she missed by doing a project and getting tutoring from TA Landon. She starts up a friendship with Landon(who is really Lucas) that consists of loads of online flirting. She never meets Landon in person, they communicate through emails. Jackie figures out that Lucas is Landon but doesn't tell him. One night as Jackie is leaving Lucas' apartment, the professor sees them together and it becomes clear that Lucas is indeed Landon. Landon is his first name, Lucas is his middle name but he goes by Lucas now. 

The professor makes them end things(it's against school policy, students and tutors can't date). They stay away from each other about a week. Then, Buck(rapist) does in fact rape a girl. Jackie calls Lucas/Landon for help. Later that night Jackie goes to his apartment and tells him she misses him or them(Landon and Lucas). They start sneaking around. Jackie ends up snooping into Lucas/Landon's past and asks the professor(who has know Lucas/Landon his whole life) about it. The professor tells her what happen and to talk to Lucas/Landon. When she does confront Lucas/Landon he gets mad for her digging into his past and ends things. As she is leaving his apartments she gets attacked by Buck again and Lucas/Landon saves her again. They make up after that.

This book also contains...
  1. Loads of flirting
  2. Drama
  3. Lucas/Landon's job profession discussion. He is a tutor, works at Starbucks, teaches self-defense, and is a maintenance guy.
  4. Jackie and Erin's friendship.
  5. Jackie getting attacked 3 times by Buck(at the beginning, in a stairwell, and then at the end). Lucas saves her 2 of those times and she out smarts him once.
  6. Kennedy realizing he made a mistake and wanting Jackie back. 
  7. Jackie confessing she only went to that college because Kennedy was going there. They wanted to be together. He ended up breaking up with her a couple of months after they got there.
  8. Jackie having doubts like any other college student.
  9. Over bearing mom.
  10. Lucas' past which isn't pretty. 
  11. Sex. It's not steamy or rouchy or even dirty. It's just sex.
  12. Rumors.
The book ends with Jackie deciding to leave the college since it can't offer her anything she wants and going to a school of her choice. She wants to focus of herself and make decisions that benefit her. She grew up by the end of the book. Lucas is graduating at the end and makes a decision to work at a company close to a school of Jackie's choice.

I loved how Lucas puts Jackie first. She is important to him and he shows her that. He makes time to spend with her and cooks for her. He never pressures her into anything. He always looks out for her. When you read Easy, you get a sense that Jackie is Lucas's world and he would do about anything for her.

Did I mention Lucas is super sexy, rides a motorcycle, is smart, artistic, has a screwed up past that makes you want to fall in love with him and fix him, and is very driven. He is a hot boy next door with flaws and Jackie is your average college student with flaws. All the characters are relatable. If Jackie was real, I would want her as a friend and if Lucas was real, I would most definitely want to get my hands on him. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Upcoming Must Read Books.

There are several books that are suppose to come out in the next 4 or 5 months that I have been waiting for and must read. I love when books get a sequel, the author decides to write a book from the other main character's point of view or secondary characters from the first book get their own story.
  1. Trust In Me (Wait for You #1.5) by J. Lynn
  2. Take A Chance by Abbi Glines
  3. Consumed by Emily Snow
  4. Before We Fall (Beautifully Broken #3) by Courtney Cole
  5. The Edge Of Always (The Edge Of Never #2) by J.A. Redmerski
  6. Misbehaving (Sea Breeze #6) by Abbi Glines
  7. The Sweetest Game (The Perfect Game #3) by J. Sterling
  8. Four Seconds To Lose (Ten Tiny Breaths #3) by K.A. Tucker
  9. Unbeloved (Undeniable #4) by Madeline Sheehan
  10. Reaper's Legacy (Reapers MC #2) by Johanna Wylde
  11. Twisted (Tangled #2) by Emma Chase
  12. Masquerade (Games #3) by Nyrae Dawn

Fifty Shades Series by E.L. James

I read this series over a year and half ago. It was the first set of books that started my addiction to reading. I read all 3 books in a week and it put me in a mood where I had to find another book to read. I was addicted. Fifty Shades Series isn't a horrible read but it ain't a great read either. I think if you ignore all the crazy sex scenes, then all you have is a love story and who doesn't love a love story. From the beginning of all the 50 shades craziness, I wasn't interested in reading the book. But, then my sister and friends all read the books. They constantly were talking and discussing the book, so I decided to give it a chance. I am so glad I did. Since the books are being made into a movie (which I won't go see), I decided that to review the books.

Fifty Shades of Grey
To me what makes a great love story is... Girl meet boy. Boy flirts with girl. Boy takes girl on dates. Girl and boy fall in love slowly. (There is build up to their love. They don't just love each other 2 days after meeting). Some drama happens. Girl realizes boy isn't good enough. Girl dumps boy. There is that in this book plus so much more. There is crazy steamy sex scenes that I skip past cause they're were a little much. Ana meets Christian while covering for her friend Kate. Christian shows up at some places Ana will be at. Christian tells Ana he's no good for her, she doesn't listen. Christian tells Ana that he doesn't do normal relationship. She doesn't listen and ends up finding out the hard way. Christian introduces Ana to his world and the way he has sex. Ana is a trooper and tries it for Christian since she wants him so bad. In the end, Ana realizes Christian and her are different and leaves him. Kate and Christian's brother Elliot begin dating and add to the fun lightness of the book. They're other secondary characters; parents, siblings, friends, and coworkers.

I liked how Ana was inexperience and Christian was her first. Females can relate to those things. It can take someone back to when they were inexperience. I also like the relationships between all the characters in the book and the cliffhanger.

Fifty Shades Darker
The book picks up where the first one ended. Ana is depressed over dumping Christian. She goes through the emotions for a couple of days until Christian contacts her. He had made previous plans with her and wanted to take his promise to her. They go their date (previous plans) and Christian tells her he wants to try again. Ana gives him another chance and they pick right back up. Christian basically changes for Ana. He wants to give her what she wants. There are still times when Ana tries things his way. Christian definitely opens up more and tell Ana his past. Christian asks Ana to marry him. There is still loads of crazy steamy sex but it isn't outrageous. There is also some crazy drama with some of Christian's exs (more than one). There are things that happen in book 2 that really don't get solved or explained until book 3. Kate still has Ana's back and is a good support system for her.

I like how there was give and take in this book. Ana and Christian tried to give each other what the other person needed. I like how Christian is super rich and successfully and Ana is just your girl next girl. It can give females the hope that they don't have to drop dead gorgeous to get a man. I didn't like how Ana talked to herself, it was a bit annoying and she went on and on about the same thing.

Fifty Shades Freed
This book was about the couples honeymoon and adjusting to married life. Christian being clingy. Ana wanting her independence. There is tons of sex and whining. Ana getting kidnapped. A person from Christian past tries to hurt him. Ana gets pregnant. Christian gets mad. Christian buys Ana a house. The housekeeper and driver/bodyguard hook up. This book finishes and wraps everything up. Christian's protectiveness gets pretty old right from the beginning. I know he has problems but he has Ana and she ain't going anywhere, he should of loosing up some by this book. The whole thing with Christian keeping things from Ana started pissing me off. They're married, They're suppose to share things with each other no matter how horrible they can get. Christian is allowed to keep things from Ana but not the other way around.

I again loved the love story aspect of the book. The crazy, controlling, protectiveness could have been left out. I like a man that can dominate is some areas, but Christian had some serious issues with control and having to be in control. Christian should have grown a lot since marrying Ana and instead he stayed the same. Ana was the one that grew up throughout the series but she also was a little whining and annoying for my taste.

Out of all 3 books, the last was my favorite. I loved the honeymoon and Christian realizing he could have kids, be sort of normal and be okay. The characters, the relationships and interactions were well written. Christian is a different kind of character I have ever read about and it's because of him I am addicted to reading. 

Tangled by Emma Chase

Tangled is brilliant, amazing, funny and a must read. I was laughing right from the start and was wondering where in the hell the author came up with some of the stuff she did. It is your typically love story with loads of banter, steamy sex and chemistry between the characters. It gives a reader insight into a man's head that isn't rouchy but instead hilarious. The book almost felt like I was watching a movie instead of reading a book.

The main characters Drew and Kate are enemies turned lovers. Drew is a rich successfully playboy and Kate is your typically girl next girl that's trying to make it in a man's world with a kick-ass attitude. The book starts off with Drew dealing with the break up from Kate. It then takes you back to the beginning of their love story and how the fall in love. Towards the end it goes back to present day with Drew trying to win Kate back. It is a love story with a twist.

Kate and Drew meet in a bar where Kate is celebrating her new job. She turns Drew down when he hits on her. Drew goes to work the next and learns Kate is the new employed his dad has hired.  Kate and Drew get thrown together to work on a project together. Drew takes up for Kate when a potential client gets the wrong idea about Kate. Kate and Drew have a heart to heart but Kate ends up leaving with her fiance. Kate's fiance ends up dumping her and Drew tries to help Kate make him jealous which ends up going horrible wrong in a way. Drew and Kate leave the bar together that night and have wild, steamy sex. Drew has never fallen in love until Kate walked into his life. Kate is dealing with the break up from her ex-fiance. Drew is a guy and of course screws things up with Kate. Kate brings Drew to his knees and he spends 7 days sick over losing her. Once he figures that he wants Kate, he spends the rest of the book trying to win her back.

The characters are well written. You can feel the chemistry as you read the book. I finished the book in one day. I couldn't put it down and I didn't want to. I had to know what was going to happen and I loved reading the funny stuff that Drew thought about. I wish I could find a man like Drew. He told it like it was. I was definitely entertain with this book. There are other characters in the book that make it so great. They're just as funny as the main characters. Drew's niece is especially funny for being such a little girl.

I can't wait for Emma Chase to write more books.

Beautifully Damaged by L.A. Fiore

What can I say about this book? How can there can so many bad things to say about one book? This book seem to drag on forever and it jump from a love story type book to a murder crime solving story. I was confused and just wanted the book to end. I should have probably quit reading half way through when it got really boring but I always have to finish a book and I wished I didn't listen to my brain on this one. The book seemed like it was going to be good. Girl is quiet. Girl meets boy. Boy is hot fighter. Girl and boy fall in love. There is some drama to over come. They decided to stay together. The end. That is how normal love stories are. NOT THIS BOOK.

Ember is a quiet type nerdy girl, that doesn't go out much which she does a lot in the book. She doesn't have many friends but for some reason every person she meets in the book wants her. She has one friend Lena that in the beginning the author made it seem like they were best friends but it turned out the best friend is a bitch. Lena is jealous of Ember, is always putting her down and being rude to her. I hate when authors makes the main girl seem absolutely perfect and boy did she make Ember look great to the other females in the book. She may have been quiet but the author made her beautiful, smart, have witty comebacks, dependent at times but then has a backbone when she needed it, she's knows how to fight, and everyone instantly loves her when they meet her. Every girl wants to be her and every guy wants her. It's not like that at all in real life and that pissed me. The author should of made Ember a little more relatable.

Trace is the hot fighter guy Ember meets and falls in love with. I read this book right after Real and I was expecting a book where the fighter guy actually fought like in Real. Trace doesn't do that, he only fights when he's mad or pissed off. He is also super rich, protective in a way, and has been watching Ember her whole life, which I think shouldn't he have been in love with her way before he actually met her.

So anyways, Ember meets Trace. Trace tries to push her way. Ember almost gets rape. Trace tells her he's not good enough for her and doesn't want her but then is always showing up to where she is. They end up hanging out as friends and Ember moves in with her after a couple of weeks of knowing him. They start dating. Trace scares her off again. Ember moves out. They make up. Ember moves back in as his girlfriend. Ember tells him about her past. Trace lets her in on his secrets. Then the book turns into a murder crime book where Ember and Trace try to solve Ember's mother's death and Trace's parent's death. Ember and Trace learn they are connected from the past. There is a bunch of crap Trace has to over come. Ember gets attacked again. They solve the crimes with the help of Ember's dad and uncles help. Ember tells her Lena off. There is sex and Lena being bitchy to Ember pretty much covers the book. The end.

The spelling, grammar, and punctuation, (I am not a nazi about these things, I know I have the same problems with my writing but in a published book it should be better than it was.)  is so bad, it's distracting.  There are way too many things that go on in this book. The author should of picked a theme and suck with it. Nothing in the book got my attention and kept it. The author should have developed the story lines and characters a little better than she did. It was DULL! BORING! NOT WRITTEN WELL!

This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas

I absolutely loved this book. I really wasn't that interested in reading but I couldn't find anything else so I gave it a try and I am so glad I did. It has a hot, sexy, older, super rich man; Jesse, a young woman that is not sure of herself when it come to guys; Ava, loads and loads of sex, drama, arguing, drinking, and funny moments. I loved how the author wrote the book and made it have the love story feel and be funny at the same time. The books moves fast, it's a matter of weeks when Ava is already in love with Jesse but it didn't seem rushed. It fit the story. The book ends in a cliffhanger which totally pissed me off and excited me at the same time. It meant there was gonna be a book 2.
Jesse Ward has a take control attitude but isn't really controlling to me. He just really cares about Ava and doesn't want anything to happen to her.  Right from the beginning of the book you can feel the chemistry between Ava and Jesse. He wants her and will do anything to get her. He pulls out all the stops and goes a little crazy trying to get her and keep her. He's persistent. Ava at first thinks he has a girlfriend and once that is cleared up, she starts thinking its all about the sex to him. She is afraid of getting hurt so she pushes him away through most of the book. Ava was also annoying to me at times when it came to Jesse. She gave into him a little to easy and didn't try to stand up for herself or push him away hard enough. She needed a backbone. Ava also has this funny best friend Kate (I wish the author would write a book about her.) that she lives with and confines in. Kate is pro-Jesse which annoys Ava sometimes. Ava thinks Jesse owns a hotel and throughout the book he does everything to make her think it really is a hotel. Once she finds out what kind of business he really does own, she ends things for good with him and Jesse goes on a drinking binge that doesn't end well when Ava tries to talk to him.

Every girl or maybe just me always wants to find a guy like Jesse. He's protective, sexy, dreamy, rich, older, charming, arrogant, funny and did I say sexy. The author wrote him to where you can almost picture him. He is definitely a man you can dream about. Ava seems like your girl next door type. She has always been in long term relationships and just got out of one and wants to try the single thing until Jesse. 

I loved this book and have read it like 4 times already and will probably read again soon. 

Hell's Knights (The MC Sinners #1) by Bella Jewel

The overall book was really okay. I probably won't ever read the book again. It didn't captivate my attention, it felt like the book would never end. There were parts of the book that didn't make sense to me. The timeline seemed off to me and maybe it was just the book I got, but the were quite a few spelling errors and grammar issues that bothered me.

It had your typically mean girl, hot biker guy, sex, drama, and romance. The main character Addison had a hard life growing up. Her mom was not really a mom to her. Some bad stuff happen to her that made her leave home to find her dad who just happens to be the president of a motorcycle club. She meets a guy, Cade and falls in love with him. She has to deal with her past she left behind come back into her life and almost mess up the life she has now. She also has to deal with this really jealous mean girl that wants Cade. The book goes back and forth between the past and present and changes characters point of views once or twice, I don't really remember. I normally like books that gives different point of views from the other characters. I like knowing what the other main character is thinking or feeling but it didn't really work with this book. For some reason it just seemed pointless to me. 

I seem to base the motorcycle club books I read to other motorcycle club books I have read and it seemed like the author didn't really it the motorcycle club thing down in this book. It seemed more like a group of guys that rode bikes instead of them being in a motorcycle club.  If I try to compare this book the the Undeniable series by Madeline Sheehan or the Reapers series by Joanna Wylde this book totally sucked. You can't even compare Hell's Knights to them. They are completely different to me in so many ways. It's not really a motorcycle club book to me. 

Book Addict

I love books! I am addicted to reading books. I can read a really great book in about 2 days it doesn't matter how long the book is. If I think it's really good, I won't put it down until it's finish. If I think the book is boring or uninteresting it can take me up to a week to finish it. I always have to finish a book no matter how much I dislike it. Once I start a book, I'm gonna finish it. In the past year I have read over 100 and some of those books were read more than once. I am addicted to reading.

I do have a life outside of reading but between cooking, cleaning, school, and a family I have to take care of, I somehow find time to read. Every free moment is spend on reading and there are days that I will rather read than watch TV or go to the movies. I like how a book can take you another place. I get so wrap up in a book that once it's the end, I want a sequel even if the book doesn't need one. I fall in love with the characters and their stories.

I do have a certain type of books I prefer to read. My favorite are romance novels. I don't care if they are adult romance, young adult or paranormal. As long as someone in the book is falling in love, then I am gonna read it. I am not really into that BDSM type stuff. I don't like the whole pain thing. It's weird to me but to each their own. I also have favorite authors that I can't get enough of. When I look for a new book to read I look to see if they have anything new that has came out.

When I finish a book, especially a really good book, I want to talk about it but I never have anyone to listen to me or is really interested in what I just read. So, I decided to write about what I read, rather I think the book is good or not, I just want to talk about the book and getting my opinion out.