Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sweet Home by Tillie Cole

After reading all the reviews about how great this book is, I had a lot of expectations for it. It didn't live to any of the them. I thought I was going to read a great love story between star crossed lovers and that was not the case. When I read a book about college students, I tend to compare them to my all time favorite book Easy(I know that's not right or fair but I still do it). That's a great love story about college kids to me. However, this book is just a love story nothing great about it. The characters aren't suppose to be together but still find a way to be together. I was alright to me. 

I didn't like how the author made all the characters minus a few be country. I'm from the south and I have never had a southern accent, talked the way these people did or dressed the way they did. I don't know anybody that does. It felt like the author based the book on a stereotypically aspect of what the south is like. The only things she nailed was the weather and the fact that we do love our football(but who doesn't). 

The characters...
Romeo/Rome Prince is the star quarterback for the crimson tide. He's a senior and has been drafted by the NFL twice already but has foregone that to finish school. He's very moody, it changes in seconds. He could be happy to asshole with a blink on an eye. He's rich, strong, handsome, womanizer, controlling and all around bad boy. Girls want him but he of course only used them for one thing. He thinks he's god's gift to females. His parents dictate his life and have it all planned out for him even though he wants different things. He kind of reminded me of Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights.

Molly Shakespeare is a geeky nerd with glasses, messy hair and all. She is always studying and would rather be in the library then partying. She grew up poor and in foster care. She does have a backbone and stands up for herself when it is necessary. However, when it comes to Romeo, she forgives him way too easily and bends over to please him. She pleases him to no end. She annoyed me how she could be so pissed off at him one minute and then the next she was all over him. She needed to stand up for herself when it came to him. He also treated her bad at times and she allowed it. She reminded me of Zooey Deschanel from New Girl.

Shelly is the mean rich girl that wants Romeo. She has everything except Romeo. She is super bitchy to Molly. She acts like she is still in high school instead of 21 and in college.

Cass, Lexi and Ally are Molly's friends. They're always there for her. Ally is also Romeo's cousin and doesn't like Shelly.

The book...
Molly has had a lot of shit happen to her growing up. Her parents died when she was really young and her grandma took care of her until she died when she was 14. She went in foster care after that and a professor at her school saw she had no family and looked after her. Molly decided to accompany the professor to the states, so the professor can teach and write a journal while she worked on her masters. She meets Romeo the first day of class when Shelly does something childish to her. Romeo helps her out. They didn't have instant chemistry or passion or lust. Molly just thinks he's good looking. No clue what Romeo thinks about her. Molly and her friends join a sorority where Shelly is the president(of course). They have to go through a hazing thing where Molly has to kiss Romeo and that doesn't sit well with Shelly. She starts being really bitchy to Molly after that. Romeo can't seem to get Molly out of his head and tells her he wants her. They start a secret relationship that lasts a whole 2 minutes before they just decide to come out into the open. Romeo has to deal with family issues and his dad being abusive. Molly has some secrets of her own that scare her. Molly ends up pregnant and Romeo's mom ends up hurting her and the unborn baby. Molly leaves the states to go back to England. Decides she misses Romeo and goes back to Alabama. They end up together. The author make it seem like Molly is Romeo's good luck charm. Which I think if he just focused a little harder on certain things, he would do fine on his own. But, he thinks he does better because of her.

I hated the names the characters had. The author tried to make them seem like some modern day Romeo and Juliet. It didn't work. She also quoted Shakespeare a lot. It was annoying. Molly letting Romeo treat her like crap and Romeo having his controlling issues were big problems for me. Romeo seemed like a semi normal guy with some angry issues but as you read the story, you learn he has this weird problem where he has to dominate Molly. When Romeo was first introduced in the book, he didn't seem like that. I also hate when authors write books where the guys aren't boyfriend material then comes along a girl and she changes him. He wants to be her boyfriend although he was never had a girlfriend before her. Books like this give girls false hope they can change a guy when it reality that's not the case. It seem like all books are like this these days. Guy is a man whore until in walks a girl that will change him.

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