Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wait For You by Jennifer Armentrout

Avery travels hundreds of miles to college to get away from her home life and her past. All she wants to do is start over and be normal (which is understanding with everything she went through). She wasn't expecting Cameron. He's good looking, cocky(not in a bad way) and a charmer, which can be a bad thing or maybe a good thing for Avery if she lets her guard down. On the first day of class she literally runs into Cameron. He ends up being in the class she's running late to, her partner is the class and of course, he's also her neighbor at her apartment(she doesn't figure that out until later). She tries to avoid him at all cost and he is constantly flirting/asking her out. He's always around. He bakes cookies for her and sneaks into her house every Sunday to cook her breakfast(swoon). They start up a friendship soon after. He just wants to be near her and a friend is all she can offer him.

Avery has trust issues and secrets that keep her from getting close to guys. Cameron has a past he isn't too proud of himself. Even though they're friends you can tell more is going to happen between them. Eventually, Avery does give in to Cameron. She says yes when he asks her out for the billionth time. They start dating. She gets these creepy phones calls throughout the book from a girl back home. The guy that hurt her, hurt another girl and the girl is mad at Avery for not reporting him in the first place. Avery's parents are horrible and shouldn't be consider parents. They should of had Avery's back no matter what. There is kissing and sex which Cameron doesn't push Avery into. Avery tells Cameron about her past and supports her when she wants to go home to deal with everything. He helps her deal with her past as she does him.

I felt like this book was very relatable to me. I could feel what Avery was feeling and going through. It's not always easy to trust people when unpleasant things have happen to you. Cameron is always so supportive and always has a shoulder for Avery to lean on. The texting, banter and flirting was excellent. Some things that happen between them were funny and others were very sweet. The whole cookie thing going on in this book makes it very difficult to eat a cookie and not think about Cameron. The build up to them finally getting together was a breath of fresh air. I liked the slow, get to know you process they went through.  I loved how Cameron had to really work for his date with Avery. She didn't buy into his charm or good looks or gives into him immediately like most girls would have (I know that has to do with her past more than anything).

I absolutely love this book. The author brought up some ugly topics and she didn't make Cameron the bad boy never had a girlfriend until Avery type of guy. He had a past and change before Avery showed up in his life. Cameron is definitely on my book boyfriend's list. The book is told from Avery's point of view and I seriously can't wait for Trust In You which is the story from Cameron's point of view.

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