Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Easy by Tammara Webber

I loved this book. I have read it about 3 times now and every time I finish reading it, I get super sad and depressed. I always wish there was more of the story. I know every book has to come to an end, but I didn't want this one too. I wanted to know what happen with the characters as they moved on in their lives. I loved the characters especially Lucas, the storylines, the relationship, the topics discussed and how relatable it is to young adults. I seriously hope the author decides to write another book with these characters. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Easy starts off with Jackie going to her ex boyfriend's(Kennedy) frat house's Halloween party with her roommate/best friend Erin. She decided to leave early and gets attacked and almost raped by one of her ex's friends(Buck-dumb name, I know). Lucas is leaving the party at the same time sees what is happening and swoops in to save Jackie. She doesn't want to report the attack and Lucas reluctantly takes her home. Lucas and Jackie start this friendship type relationship that slows builds into more. At the same time, Jackie also had been skipping her economics class due to her break up(she wanted to be in the same class as her now ex) and is behind. The professor decides to help her out and lets her make up some of the work she missed by doing a project and getting tutoring from TA Landon. She starts up a friendship with Landon(who is really Lucas) that consists of loads of online flirting. She never meets Landon in person, they communicate through emails. Jackie figures out that Lucas is Landon but doesn't tell him. One night as Jackie is leaving Lucas' apartment, the professor sees them together and it becomes clear that Lucas is indeed Landon. Landon is his first name, Lucas is his middle name but he goes by Lucas now. 

The professor makes them end things(it's against school policy, students and tutors can't date). They stay away from each other about a week. Then, Buck(rapist) does in fact rape a girl. Jackie calls Lucas/Landon for help. Later that night Jackie goes to his apartment and tells him she misses him or them(Landon and Lucas). They start sneaking around. Jackie ends up snooping into Lucas/Landon's past and asks the professor(who has know Lucas/Landon his whole life) about it. The professor tells her what happen and to talk to Lucas/Landon. When she does confront Lucas/Landon he gets mad for her digging into his past and ends things. As she is leaving his apartments she gets attacked by Buck again and Lucas/Landon saves her again. They make up after that.

This book also contains...
  1. Loads of flirting
  2. Drama
  3. Lucas/Landon's job profession discussion. He is a tutor, works at Starbucks, teaches self-defense, and is a maintenance guy.
  4. Jackie and Erin's friendship.
  5. Jackie getting attacked 3 times by Buck(at the beginning, in a stairwell, and then at the end). Lucas saves her 2 of those times and she out smarts him once.
  6. Kennedy realizing he made a mistake and wanting Jackie back. 
  7. Jackie confessing she only went to that college because Kennedy was going there. They wanted to be together. He ended up breaking up with her a couple of months after they got there.
  8. Jackie having doubts like any other college student.
  9. Over bearing mom.
  10. Lucas' past which isn't pretty. 
  11. Sex. It's not steamy or rouchy or even dirty. It's just sex.
  12. Rumors.
The book ends with Jackie deciding to leave the college since it can't offer her anything she wants and going to a school of her choice. She wants to focus of herself and make decisions that benefit her. She grew up by the end of the book. Lucas is graduating at the end and makes a decision to work at a company close to a school of Jackie's choice.

I loved how Lucas puts Jackie first. She is important to him and he shows her that. He makes time to spend with her and cooks for her. He never pressures her into anything. He always looks out for her. When you read Easy, you get a sense that Jackie is Lucas's world and he would do about anything for her.

Did I mention Lucas is super sexy, rides a motorcycle, is smart, artistic, has a screwed up past that makes you want to fall in love with him and fix him, and is very driven. He is a hot boy next door with flaws and Jackie is your average college student with flaws. All the characters are relatable. If Jackie was real, I would want her as a friend and if Lucas was real, I would most definitely want to get my hands on him. 

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