Monday, October 28, 2013

Fifty Shades Series by E.L. James

I read this series over a year and half ago. It was the first set of books that started my addiction to reading. I read all 3 books in a week and it put me in a mood where I had to find another book to read. I was addicted. Fifty Shades Series isn't a horrible read but it ain't a great read either. I think if you ignore all the crazy sex scenes, then all you have is a love story and who doesn't love a love story. From the beginning of all the 50 shades craziness, I wasn't interested in reading the book. But, then my sister and friends all read the books. They constantly were talking and discussing the book, so I decided to give it a chance. I am so glad I did. Since the books are being made into a movie (which I won't go see), I decided that to review the books.

Fifty Shades of Grey
To me what makes a great love story is... Girl meet boy. Boy flirts with girl. Boy takes girl on dates. Girl and boy fall in love slowly. (There is build up to their love. They don't just love each other 2 days after meeting). Some drama happens. Girl realizes boy isn't good enough. Girl dumps boy. There is that in this book plus so much more. There is crazy steamy sex scenes that I skip past cause they're were a little much. Ana meets Christian while covering for her friend Kate. Christian shows up at some places Ana will be at. Christian tells Ana he's no good for her, she doesn't listen. Christian tells Ana that he doesn't do normal relationship. She doesn't listen and ends up finding out the hard way. Christian introduces Ana to his world and the way he has sex. Ana is a trooper and tries it for Christian since she wants him so bad. In the end, Ana realizes Christian and her are different and leaves him. Kate and Christian's brother Elliot begin dating and add to the fun lightness of the book. They're other secondary characters; parents, siblings, friends, and coworkers.

I liked how Ana was inexperience and Christian was her first. Females can relate to those things. It can take someone back to when they were inexperience. I also like the relationships between all the characters in the book and the cliffhanger.

Fifty Shades Darker
The book picks up where the first one ended. Ana is depressed over dumping Christian. She goes through the emotions for a couple of days until Christian contacts her. He had made previous plans with her and wanted to take his promise to her. They go their date (previous plans) and Christian tells her he wants to try again. Ana gives him another chance and they pick right back up. Christian basically changes for Ana. He wants to give her what she wants. There are still times when Ana tries things his way. Christian definitely opens up more and tell Ana his past. Christian asks Ana to marry him. There is still loads of crazy steamy sex but it isn't outrageous. There is also some crazy drama with some of Christian's exs (more than one). There are things that happen in book 2 that really don't get solved or explained until book 3. Kate still has Ana's back and is a good support system for her.

I like how there was give and take in this book. Ana and Christian tried to give each other what the other person needed. I like how Christian is super rich and successfully and Ana is just your girl next girl. It can give females the hope that they don't have to drop dead gorgeous to get a man. I didn't like how Ana talked to herself, it was a bit annoying and she went on and on about the same thing.

Fifty Shades Freed
This book was about the couples honeymoon and adjusting to married life. Christian being clingy. Ana wanting her independence. There is tons of sex and whining. Ana getting kidnapped. A person from Christian past tries to hurt him. Ana gets pregnant. Christian gets mad. Christian buys Ana a house. The housekeeper and driver/bodyguard hook up. This book finishes and wraps everything up. Christian's protectiveness gets pretty old right from the beginning. I know he has problems but he has Ana and she ain't going anywhere, he should of loosing up some by this book. The whole thing with Christian keeping things from Ana started pissing me off. They're married, They're suppose to share things with each other no matter how horrible they can get. Christian is allowed to keep things from Ana but not the other way around.

I again loved the love story aspect of the book. The crazy, controlling, protectiveness could have been left out. I like a man that can dominate is some areas, but Christian had some serious issues with control and having to be in control. Christian should have grown a lot since marrying Ana and instead he stayed the same. Ana was the one that grew up throughout the series but she also was a little whining and annoying for my taste.

Out of all 3 books, the last was my favorite. I loved the honeymoon and Christian realizing he could have kids, be sort of normal and be okay. The characters, the relationships and interactions were well written. Christian is a different kind of character I have ever read about and it's because of him I am addicted to reading. 

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