Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Beautiful Lie by Tara Sivec

If you were given the chance to go back, to tell the truth instead of a lie to save someone's life and their feelings...would you?
This book was amazing. It has romance, betrayal, mystery, secrets, friendship and death. This book isn't like any other book I have read. It's completely different. It is full of twists and turns. I couldn't put the book down. The characters are hot, smart and have kick-ass attitudes.

Two best friends, Garret and Milo fall for the same girl, Annabelle Parker. Milo sees Parker first and makes a move before Garrett. They spend the next 8 years doing everything together; college, Navy Seal training and getting engaged. Parker works as a photographer. She also has a secret she kept from Milo and Garrett. When the book starts, it seems like Parker is a dependent and shy woman and she isn't that at all. She's strong, independent and takes shit from no one. She someone girls can look up too.

Milo and Garrett have been friends since high school when Garrett's family took Milo in from a violent family. Milo and Garrett were brothers in every way even though they're not blood. Milo died on a mission. His death seemed a little suspicious and Garrett not being able to get over it, is sent back to investigate what happen. Parker accompanies him as a photographer which he hates. He wants to protect Parker. They go undercover with fake names and act like a married couple to get close to the President of the Dominican Republic to expose the scandal. Once they get to the Dominican Republic, the chemistry between Garrett and Parker heats up. Garrett also has to deal with the guilt and shame for loving his best friend's girl.

Parker, Garrett and the Navy Seal team slowly figure out what Milo was investigating before he died. They get close to the truth. Then all of a sudden, Milo is alive and telling Parker he's working undercover. He tells her all these lies just so she will believe him and leave with him. Garrett gets mad, he thought him and Parker had turned over a new leaf. He always wanted her, he just never made a move because of Milo. Garrett finds out Milo isn't who he says he is. Parker get drugged and kidnapped. Milo's dad wants Milo to kill her. Garrett saves Parker, but not before loads of blood, gunshots and fighting occurs. Parker also finds out about her dad who she originally thought didn't want her.

The book is very suspenseful and slow pace at the beginning. There were times when I thought the book was going too slow and being repetitive. Just have to hang in there, it gets better. The slow pace fits with this story and makes a overall great book.

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