Monday, October 28, 2013

This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas

I absolutely loved this book. I really wasn't that interested in reading but I couldn't find anything else so I gave it a try and I am so glad I did. It has a hot, sexy, older, super rich man; Jesse, a young woman that is not sure of herself when it come to guys; Ava, loads and loads of sex, drama, arguing, drinking, and funny moments. I loved how the author wrote the book and made it have the love story feel and be funny at the same time. The books moves fast, it's a matter of weeks when Ava is already in love with Jesse but it didn't seem rushed. It fit the story. The book ends in a cliffhanger which totally pissed me off and excited me at the same time. It meant there was gonna be a book 2.
Jesse Ward has a take control attitude but isn't really controlling to me. He just really cares about Ava and doesn't want anything to happen to her.  Right from the beginning of the book you can feel the chemistry between Ava and Jesse. He wants her and will do anything to get her. He pulls out all the stops and goes a little crazy trying to get her and keep her. He's persistent. Ava at first thinks he has a girlfriend and once that is cleared up, she starts thinking its all about the sex to him. She is afraid of getting hurt so she pushes him away through most of the book. Ava was also annoying to me at times when it came to Jesse. She gave into him a little to easy and didn't try to stand up for herself or push him away hard enough. She needed a backbone. Ava also has this funny best friend Kate (I wish the author would write a book about her.) that she lives with and confines in. Kate is pro-Jesse which annoys Ava sometimes. Ava thinks Jesse owns a hotel and throughout the book he does everything to make her think it really is a hotel. Once she finds out what kind of business he really does own, she ends things for good with him and Jesse goes on a drinking binge that doesn't end well when Ava tries to talk to him.

Every girl or maybe just me always wants to find a guy like Jesse. He's protective, sexy, dreamy, rich, older, charming, arrogant, funny and did I say sexy. The author wrote him to where you can almost picture him. He is definitely a man you can dream about. Ava seems like your girl next door type. She has always been in long term relationships and just got out of one and wants to try the single thing until Jesse. 

I loved this book and have read it like 4 times already and will probably read again soon. 

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