Monday, October 28, 2013

Beautifully Damaged by L.A. Fiore

What can I say about this book? How can there can so many bad things to say about one book? This book seem to drag on forever and it jump from a love story type book to a murder crime solving story. I was confused and just wanted the book to end. I should have probably quit reading half way through when it got really boring but I always have to finish a book and I wished I didn't listen to my brain on this one. The book seemed like it was going to be good. Girl is quiet. Girl meets boy. Boy is hot fighter. Girl and boy fall in love. There is some drama to over come. They decided to stay together. The end. That is how normal love stories are. NOT THIS BOOK.

Ember is a quiet type nerdy girl, that doesn't go out much which she does a lot in the book. She doesn't have many friends but for some reason every person she meets in the book wants her. She has one friend Lena that in the beginning the author made it seem like they were best friends but it turned out the best friend is a bitch. Lena is jealous of Ember, is always putting her down and being rude to her. I hate when authors makes the main girl seem absolutely perfect and boy did she make Ember look great to the other females in the book. She may have been quiet but the author made her beautiful, smart, have witty comebacks, dependent at times but then has a backbone when she needed it, she's knows how to fight, and everyone instantly loves her when they meet her. Every girl wants to be her and every guy wants her. It's not like that at all in real life and that pissed me. The author should of made Ember a little more relatable.

Trace is the hot fighter guy Ember meets and falls in love with. I read this book right after Real and I was expecting a book where the fighter guy actually fought like in Real. Trace doesn't do that, he only fights when he's mad or pissed off. He is also super rich, protective in a way, and has been watching Ember her whole life, which I think shouldn't he have been in love with her way before he actually met her.

So anyways, Ember meets Trace. Trace tries to push her way. Ember almost gets rape. Trace tells her he's not good enough for her and doesn't want her but then is always showing up to where she is. They end up hanging out as friends and Ember moves in with her after a couple of weeks of knowing him. They start dating. Trace scares her off again. Ember moves out. They make up. Ember moves back in as his girlfriend. Ember tells him about her past. Trace lets her in on his secrets. Then the book turns into a murder crime book where Ember and Trace try to solve Ember's mother's death and Trace's parent's death. Ember and Trace learn they are connected from the past. There is a bunch of crap Trace has to over come. Ember gets attacked again. They solve the crimes with the help of Ember's dad and uncles help. Ember tells her Lena off. There is sex and Lena being bitchy to Ember pretty much covers the book. The end.

The spelling, grammar, and punctuation, (I am not a nazi about these things, I know I have the same problems with my writing but in a published book it should be better than it was.)  is so bad, it's distracting.  There are way too many things that go on in this book. The author should of picked a theme and suck with it. Nothing in the book got my attention and kept it. The author should have developed the story lines and characters a little better than she did. It was DULL! BORING! NOT WRITTEN WELL!

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