Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Officer Off Limits (Line Of Duty #3) By Tessa Bailey

This is the third book in the series. I aboustely loved the characters in Asking For Trouble the fourth book in the series but in this book they sort of annoyed me. I didn't think they had a story that was worth reading. The seemed more like secondary characters than main characters.

Story which is a dumb name for a character. She seemed more like a Paige to me. Anyways, her boyfriend dumps her 2 weeks before her wedding. She decides to go visit her dad in New York, who recently had a heart attack and is in the hospital. Once there, she meets her dad's much younger partner. Daniel. Daniel hits on her immediately after seeing her not knowing who she is and she calls his bullshit. Later, when he goes to visit Story's dad, he learns who Story is. Her dad tells Daniel to stay away from his daughter. But then, tells Daniel to take his daughter home, show her around and some others things that contradicted what he told Daniel.

Of course, they feel attracted to each other and hang out. Within the first couple of chapters, Daniel has Story up against the wall and is kissing her. They're chemistry is hot and steamy. I could feel that they had something but it seemed like it was happening too fast. Daniel wants Story to stay in New York through the summer and Story wants to find herself after being in a long term relationship for so long.

They decide to spend some time apart which really is a very long long week. Story still wants Daniel. Daniel can't stop thinking about Story. They get back together and decide to tell Story's dad they're together. But before that can happen, Story's ex boyfriend shows up. He wants her back, thinks them breaking up was a mistake, he lied to her and on and on. Story learns that her dad is the one that made her ex boyfriend break up with her. He doesn't think he was good enough for his daughter. He wants someone that is going to take care of her. Story and Daniel find happily ever after, after some more drama and truths being revealed.

There is also a hostage situation, hot sex and humor. Story tells it like it is and has no filter once so ever. I liked some parts of the book, but Story's character just annoyed me. She wasn't believable. Daniel seems mysterious with some deep secrets but what bad boy cop doesn't have a couple of those. The plot of the story was the best part. If it was better written it would have been worth reading.

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