Monday, December 30, 2013

The Sweetest Game (The Perfect Game #3) by J. Sterling

 This is the third (and final) installment in Jack & Cassie's story! 
“It’s one hell of a sledgehammer to the chest when your baseball career comes to an end. It’s like you finally realize that baseball never loved you back. All the sleepless nights, the hours spent at the gym trying to stay fit, the conditioning, the training, the mental preparation, the holiday’s missed, the birthday’s passed, the memories you didn’t get to make with your family…all for what? It’s not like baseball lost any sleep over you. She didn’t stay awake for nights on end trying to figure out how to make you a better player. She didn’t care. Baseball’s a business. A sport. A game. And as much as my entire life has been wrapped up in it, it’s time to let it go.”

My wife, Cassie, lay curled up next to me, her ass pressed tightly up against my groin. My wife. Someone actually loved me enough to not only put up with my shit, but to agree to put up with it for the rest of her life. She was probably insane on some level, but I’d take it. Whatever kept this woman by my side was fine by me. I wasn’t sure what it was about being married, but the pieces that used to spin out of control inside me actually felt settled now. Knowing that Cassie had vowed to be mine forever filled me with a sense of comfort I’d never known I was missing. In that moment, I felt like I could do anything. I could put on a cape, sprout some wings, and save the whole fucking world if I wanted to. And the best part was, the girl by my side wasn’t going anywhere. She’d sew a J on that cape and watch me fly if I asked her to. How did I just revert to a twelve-year-old with superhero fantasies? Fucking loser.I reached my arm around Cassie’s bare waist, my fingers exploring the side of her body I couldn’t see. She moaned and my dick throbbed to life. “Good morning, wife,” I whispered against her face, before kissing the lobe of her ear and sucking it into my mouth.
Cassie moaned again before turning to face me, her gorgeous green eyes beaming. “Good morning, husband.” Husband. Fuck yeah, I’m your husband. I think that means I’m legally allowed to kill anyone who fucks with her, right? Right. Leaning down, I pulled her lower lip between my teeth and nibbled playfully. Without warning, I pushed my tongue into her open mouth, moving it in sync with hers. I fucking ached to be inside her. Literally. Fucking. Ached.“I need you,” I breathed out between kisses. Her hands reached for my lower back, her fingers pulling at my skin to move me into position on top of her. I did as she silently asked, and she pushed her knees apart in welcome. “I guess that’s a yes?” I joked, sliding inside her before she changed her mind.

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