Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Misbehaving (Sea Breeze, #6) by Abbi Glines

Jason is sick of living in his rock star brother’s shadow. So when he ships off to Sea Breeze, Alabama, he’s looking for a much deserved escape and a chance to blow off some envious steam. Falling for the local bad girl was definitely not the plan. But as the new duo enjoys some naughty fun in the Alabama sun, Jason learns that even though Jax is the musician in the family, he’s not the only brother who can rock someone’s world. 

“Go! Go! Go!” She demanded. She didn’t even look my way. Her eyes were focused on something outside. I turned my attention to the side of the road where she was intensely watching. There was nothing… then a guy came bursting out of the woods with an angry snarl on his face and I understood. No wonder she was terrified. The guy was huge and looked ready to murder someone.
I shifted gears and sped off before he could get any closer.
“OhmyGod, thank you. That was so close.” She said with a sigh of relief and rested her head on the back of the leather seat.
“Should I take you to the police station?” I asked glancing over at her. Had he attacked her before she’d gotten free?
“Definitely not. They’ll probably be looking for me in about ten minutes. I need you to take me to my momma’s. She’ll cover for me. Besides that’s where my truck is.”
They’d be looking for her? Her mom would cover for her? What?
“It ain’t like he’s got any proof. The only thing I dropped was the hockey mask and it was a cheapo I bought at the Goodwill a couple of Halloweens ago. Not something he can trace back to me.”
I slowed the Porsche down as her words started sinking in. I hadn’t just saved a girl from being attacked. If I understood this babbling correctly I had just become the getaway car.
“Why’re you slowing down? I need to get to my momma’s like now. She’s just two miles from here. You go up to county road thirty-four and turn right, then you take it about three fourths mile to Orange Street and take a left. She’s the third house on the right.”
Shaking my head I pulled over to the side of the road. “I’m not going any further until you tell me exactly what it is I’m helping you escape from?” I glanced down at the baseball bat tucked between her legs then up at her face. Even in the darkness I could tell she was one of those ridiculously gorgeous southern blonds. It was like they had some special ingredient to raise them like that down here.
She let out a frustrated sigh and blinked rapidly causing tears to fill her eyes. She was good. Real good. Those pretty tears were almost believable.
“It’s a really long story. By the time I explain everything I'll have been caught and I'll be spending the night in jail. Please, please, please just take me to my momma’s. We’re so close.” She pleaded. Yeah, she was a major looker. Too bad she was also bad news.
“Tell me one thing, why do you have a baseball bat?” I needed something. If she’d knocked someone unconscious back there then I couldn’t help her getaway. They could be injured or dead.
She ran her hand through her hair and grumbled. “Okay, okay fine. But understand that he deserved it.”
Shit. She had knocked someone out.
“I smashed all the windows in my ex's truck.”
“You did what?” I couldn’t have heard her correctly. That did not happen in real life. Country songs, yes. Real life, no way.
“He's a cheatin' bastard. He deserved it. He hurt me so I hurt him. Now, please believe me and get me out of here.”
I laughed. I couldn’t help it. This was the funniest damn thing I’d ever heard.
“Why're you laughing?” she asked
I shook my head and pulled back onto the road. “Because that’s not what I was expecting to hear.”
“What did you expect me to say? I’m carrying a bat.”
Glancing over at her I grinned, “I thought you’d taken someone out with the bat.”
Her eyes went wide and then she laughed. “I wouldn’t have knocked someone out with a bat! That’s crazy.”

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