Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Saving Grace by Christine Zolendz

Saving Grace was nice a perfect conclusion to Fall From Grace. Shane and Grace finally got together at the end and let their feeling be known after some misunderstandings on both their parts. They still argued and bickered but what 2 people who love each other doesn't do that. Shane in Saving Grace seemed like he grew up a little bit. He wasn't such an asshole or man whore. He acted more mature. Grace was a little annoying and whining. She should of just talked to Shane instead of running from him.

There really isn't much communication between Shane and Grace. I think if they actually talked more than they stared at each other, their problems would have been solved a lot sooner. They were either, starring at each other, fighting or kissing. Saving Grace was still suspenseful. But again what irritated me was how long it took Shane and Grace to get together. They finally put their feelings out there but things kept getting in their way. It took 300 pages for them to finally get together and then the book ends. The build up was done in Fall From Grace, I shouldn't of had to read the build up between them again.

Saving Grace picks up where Fall From Grace left off. Grace's body is still in the hospital and her soul is left wondering around. It's in a limbo state. Grace can see everything that is going on in the hospital. Grace eventually wakes up and learns that she has been in a medical induce coma for 4 weeks. Shane isn't by her side and no one is telling her where he is. She thinks he is dead. Grace gets discharged from the hospital and goes into a self loathing period for a couple of days where all she does is drink to feel numb and passes out. Lea yells at her countless times to wake up and start living her life. She wants her best friends back.

Some detectives question her about what happen to her at the cabin and she learns that Shane is in jail her supposedly attacking her. She makes up a story because what really happen at the cabin will get her sent to a crazy hospital. She tells them Shane didn't hurt her, he saved her. She has to repeat her story a dozen times to a dozen different people. Afterwards, Lea decides it will be a good idea to go out to the bar. Grace ends up leaving with Ethan one of Shane's friends. The next morning, Shane who just got release from jail catches her as she leaves Ethan's room. They argue over it. Shane acts jealous and mean towards Grace for about 2 minutes until Grace gets sick of his attitude and tells him what really happen. Shane makes it known he wants her and only her.

Grace keeps getting visits from fallen angels that want her soul and she looses a crazy amount of time after one in particular visits her, Gabriel. He tells her that she is his and is she doesn't come with him, he will hurt everyone she cares about. Grace and Shane go through a couple more problems and their friends make it difficult for them to actually be together. At the end, Shane finally tells Grace who he really is. He the boy that took her first innocent kiss over 2000 thousand years ago and sent them to the hell their soul lives in. Gabriel tries to kill them but they survive and sends he away. Grace and Shane get their happy ever after. They're both human now and get to live their last life together.

Overall I really loved the characters, the dialogue and chemistry between Shane and Grace. I also loved how the Fall From Grace series is a little different than some books. I had a lot of expectations for Saving Grace and it didn't really live up to any of them. It was a repetitive storyline almost like Fall From Grace's storyline.

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