Friday, November 15, 2013

Chosen Heart by Stephanie Nash

I was expecting a lot more from this book. I thought it would have it all. The hot rich older guy, the young native beautiful girl, the love, some drama and their forbidden romance but it didn't work for me. Their romance seemed rushed, within 40 pages of reading they were already crazy about each other and missing each other. It was just too fast paced with no built up. I love the build up and chemistry and this book just didn't have it for me.

Elyssa and Alex kept their romance a secret. Alex acts all hot and cold. He's confusing. He wants her but then it seems like he would get mad at her and push her away. Elyssa seemed really native and confused by Alex. They both have secrets and Elyssa is the only to really share hers until this big blow up when Alex tells her about his personal life. Elyssa's secret seemed like it was going to be more of a secret to me. Throughout the book, it made it seem like something big really happen but then I found out and it didn't seem like such a problem. Alex's secret threw me off. I wasn't expecting his secret to go down the way it did.

There were parts of the book that seemed out of place. Like almost the author wanted to create drama and threw some messed up stuff in there. Early in the book, Elyssa lets her secret be known but somehow that's not the secret that screw her up, she had another secret. There were somethings that could have been left out and made the book a lot better. I also didn't like the whining from Elyssa, the repeat of events and the insecurities. Alex would ignore Elyssa. Elyssa would get hurt feeling because of it. She would try and make Alex jealous. Alex would yell at her. He would accuse her of cheating on him and not really wanting him. Elyssa would reassure she wanted him. They would make up. It was like this over and over again.

There were some steamy sex scenes but Elyssa and Alex's whole relationship seemed rushed and the sex just didn't follow the book. Elyssa said she doesn't have sex unless she is in a relationship but jumps into bed with Alex after knowing him for about a week and only have talked to him a handful of times here and there. Alex says he doesn't do relationship at all because of his past but wants to make Elyssa his right from the moment he sees her. The jealousy between the two is over the top and completely not needed. Elyssa and Alex also act very immature for people that are suppose to be near their 30s.

The characters are not well written and aren't realistic. The storyline isn't even that interesting to me. This book just didn't work for me. It wasn't a good romance novel at all.

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