Monday, November 4, 2013

This Man Confessed by Jodi Ellen Malpas

I was thrilled when This Man Confessed finally came out. I had waited what seemed like forever to get my hands on it. It wasn't my favorite like the first two in the series but it brought closure to characters and answered a lot of questions that where previously left unanswered. Ava and Jesse got their happy ending. The characters are still crazy and hilarious. There was still banter between Ava and Jesse that I love so very much. Jesse still adores Ava and wants her like she is his last breath of air. Ava finally gets her independence she tried to get throughout the whole series. She also learn to accept Jesse the way he is and doesn't challenge him as much as she previous did.

This book was a beautiful ending to great love story. I was also so sad to see the series end. I was so caught up in the characters and story that I was completely devastated when the book was over. I was trying to pace my self with only reading a couple of chapters a night so the book would last me a week or longer but I couldn't put it down and was finished within days. I am still having Jesse withdrawals. This book was strangely addicting to me. It was heartbreaking and full of love. It went beyond the love story of Jesse and Ava and got into the very soul of Jesse. I think the first 2 books, This Man and Beneath This Man was the story of how they met and fell in love and this book was a look into what makes Jesse so unreasonable crazy when it comes to Ava. It was sort of his story more than a continuation of their story.

In this book Jesse and Ava get married. It's a month after Beneath This Man ended. Jesse tramples Ava's mom every chance he gets. I secretly think he gets a kick out of trampling people. Ava ends up pregnant and doesn't tell Jesse. She leaves Jesse because he purposely wanted her pregnant and was hiding her birth control pills. She feels betrayed that they didn't talk about it and he made the decision for her. She lies to Jesse about being pregnant. She thinks about aborting the baby and not telling Jesse. Ava gets back with Jesse but still doesn't tell him about the baby. Sarah who hates Ava in the previous 2 books confides in Ava and Ava forgives her. Her talk with Sarah makes her realize she needs to tell Jesse about the baby. He becomes super crazy once she does tells him she's pregnant. Ava gets ran off the road by some crazy person that wants her gone. They learn they're having twins in which Jesse tells Ava he was a twin. They go on they're honeymoon. More of Jesse's past is brought to light and we were introduced to Jesse's parents, who he wants nothing to do with.

There is tons of sex but it doesn't really go into detail like the first 2 books. Ava still is challenging and Jesse is still unreasonable. Ava's brother figures out what Jesse really does. He also asks Jesse for money. Ava quits her job and learns how rich they really are. Ava gets threading letters and dead flowers from some crazy person that wants her to end things with Jesse. Jesse's ex-wife from when he was a teenager(shocker) comes out as the person that drugged Ava in Beneath This Man and tried to run her off the road earlier in the book. She tries to hurt Ava but ends up hurting Jesse. Jesse goes into a coma. When he comes out he starts to mend his relationship with his parents. He decides to sell the Manor. They have a second wedding like the way they should of had it the first time. The end jumps ahead 5 years and it's the twins 5 birthday party. It's also from Jesse P.O.V which was refreshing. It was nice to hear from his thoughts and to read what really goes on in that head of his.

I enjoyed this author very much. I liked her character development and the british words she used. I looked forward to more books from her.

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  1. Sometimes the second book in a series falls a little flat. This was NOT the case for this book. Ava and Jesse are an incredible couple and you feel for both of them. I'm so so so so so glad I found this series.