Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mine by Katy Evans

Mine is a sequel to Real. It takes places 2 months after Real ended. I liked this book. It continued Brooke and Remy's love story. I was very excited for this book. I waited for what seemed like forever to get my greedy little hands on it but it was sort of a let down. I was expecting so much more from this book and it was just okay. It still had the sex, romance and drama but I was waiting for some big thing or twist to happen and it never did.

Remy is super sexy. The way the author describes him, I can almost picture him. He is yummy. I love how he loves Brooke so fierce. I liked how he is protective and licks her. The licking thing he did to Brooke, I thought was sweet. He is definitely an Alpha male. If I ever meet anyone like Remy, I would be scared, speechless and probably a little intimidated.

Brooke annoyed me in this book. She whines way too much for an adult. I didn't realized how much she whined and complained about things. She is too much inside her head. She over thinks everything. She lets her insecurities get in the way. I can understand why she is insecure, her man is a god and every woman wanted him. However, Remy wanted her and told her that constantly, but for some reason she still had doubts. 

Mine picks up 2 months after Real and its almost time for the Underground fighting season to start. Remy is still madly in love with Brooke. He needs her like he needs air to breathe. Brooke finds out Remy had other girls when the were broken up in Real and is devastated. She has a hard time getting over it although they were broken up and Remy could do whatever he wanted. Brooke gets bitten by some Scorpions that were a present from Scorpion, Remy's enemy. Brooke also finds out she is pregnant but she almost miscarries. Remy wants to keep Brooke and the baby safe and makes her go home to get rest until after the first trimester. Brooke worries and misses Remy. Remy misses Brooke. Brooke deals with her family disapproving of her being pregnant. Her sister is dumb and goes back to Scorpion because she is getting blackmailed by him. Remy fights his mood disorder. There is some other not important stuff that happens. At the end, Brooke and Remy get married and they have their baby.

I liked Remy. I think he is a beast. He's the only reason why I read this book. I loved him in Real and this book. He is also the only reason I was so excited for this book. Other than him, this book is okay. I was annoyed with Brooke, the repeat of words, the over professing of love and the whining. The author uses the same words over and over again hundreds of times in the book. Brooke wanted Remy. She needed Remy. He was hers over and over. I could skip a paragraph and I would pick up exactly on the same thing I was trying to skip. 

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