Thursday, November 14, 2013

One Tiny Lie by K.A. Tucker

I liked this book more than Ten Tiny Breaths. The characters and problems seemed more relatable. I loved Livie in Ten Tiny Breaths and I was so glad she got her own book. She was the more stable one in Ten Tiny Breaths. She didn't seem like she had any real problems. I also loved her male counterpart, Ashton. He was funny, sweet, caring and had secrets. Which who doesn't. It wouldn't be a story if one character wasn't screwed up somehow. This book was different than I thought it was going to be. I thought I had figured out what was going to happen, but then it took a twist and went a complete different way. My favorite was the little quotes and banter between the characters.

One Tiny Lie starts off with Livie leaving for college. Kasey and Livie's shrink wants her to live a little. After her tragic past and family stuff made her grow up too fast, she acts more mature than her age. They want her to be her age, make mistakes and have regrets like everyone else her age. Livie is too put together and perfect. On her first night at school, Kasey takes Livie out partying. She wakes up to no good memories, a tattoo and a dorm room full of people who she doesn't know. Ashton is one of those people. Ashton remembers everything that happen but they both agree to forget everything. 

Livie meets Ashton's best friend Connor. Connor is everything Livie is looking for and more. However, Livie can't seem to get Ashton out of her head. Livie starts hanging out with Connor sort of. He is really into school and cancels on her a lot. She also become friends with Ashton. He tells her they shouldn't be friends but they both seem to have a hard time staying away from each other. Livie ends up having sex with Ashton and telling him her feelings. It seems like he feels the same way until his girlfriend walks in. Livie is heartbroken and goes back home to Miami. Ashton has tons of secrets he was keeping from Livie. In the end, Kasey gets Livie to got back to school and finish the year out. Ashton meets up with Livie and tells her everything. They end up together. There is a lot of other things and interaction between the characters.

I normally don't like love triangle. I always feel bad that one character is going to get hurt but in this book I didn't mind it. I could tell Ashton and Livie were meant to be together right from the beginning. Ashton makes Livie be her age and feel alive while Connor was the opposite. I loved Livie's journey through this book. She really grew up and found herself, her true self. Not someone she thought her parents would want her to be and be proud of. She found her own way. 

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