Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall From Grace by Christine Zolendz

Fall From Grace grabs you from the first page and gets better with every page. It has awesome one liners and a kick ass, strong female lead. It's light hearted and un-put-downable or it was in my case. It's all things, witty, funny, delightful, sweet and heart melting. The author knew what she was doing. The story seemed like any other love story but half way through there is a twist and it's really a paranormal romance. It is hinted throughout the book that something was different about Grace. I hated the cliffhanger at the end the most.

It was very irritating that everyone thought Grace was the most beautiful girl ever. Every guy n the book was saying Grace, you are so beautiful in so many words. Tucker, a guy she sorts of dates or giving a chance to, told her she was beautiful or called her beautiful in every sentence he spoke to her. Grace was beautiful, I got that from the first few hundred times some guy told her. I didn't need to be reminded constantly.

The beginning of Fall From Grace starts off with Grace having to deal with the death of her brother. She decides to go back home to her best friend Lea to start living her life again. On her first night back, Lea drags her out to a bar to hear a band play. That's where she meets Shane, who is the lead singer of the band Mad World. He's tall, tattooed and a rock god. Grace instantly feels drawn to him despite his man whoring ways, his panty dropping smile, I can get any girl I want personality and no girl ever tells him no attitude. There are girls that are constantly throwing themselves at Shane and Grace uses that to her advantage to show him she isn't fazed by him.

Grace tells Shane she doesn't want to be another notch on his bedpost so he should just treat her like one of the guys because they're never gonna to happen. Lea also tells Shane, Grace isn't interested in him. He isn't her type, to not go there with Grace. However, Lea knows Grace's secret. She has been searching for someone her whole life. She doesn't need Shane as a distraction.

Grace gets attacked and Shane saves her. To show her gratitude, she decides to join the band. One of the previous members got hurt and can't perform anymore, Grace wants to help Shane. Shane and Grace start hanging out that mostly consist of them running a crazy amount of miles in Central Park, flirting or performing on stage for the band. Though, every time it ends with one of them getting mad at the other person. Shane also recites romantic quotes to Grace a lot. Grace gets attacked again. She almost dies in a fire, but Shane saves her again. To get away from everything that is happening in the city, everyone decides to take a trip out of town. Before they leave, Grace meets Blake, Tucker's cousin. She thinks he's the one she has been searching for. Shane and Grace get stuck in a snow storm on the way to the cabin and he finally tells her how he feels. They get into a huge argument about it. Grace gets attacked by Blake once they do finally make it to Tucker's house. The book ends with Grace lying in a hospital bed.

What bothered me the most about the book was that Grace clearly had feeling for Shane. She would flirt with him and get jealous of other girls that would hang all over him. She wouldn't tell him how she felt. Shane clearly had feelings for Grace. He would get mad at guys who hit on her, he was protective of her, was always watching her and constantly wanted to be around her but he too wouldn't tell Grace how he felt. He would just tell her stuff that made it seem like all he wanted from her was sex. It annoys me when the author won't get the couple together sooner and you read the whole book and it's not until the last chapter until they tell each other their feelings. I like the build up, the flirting and bickering with the characters but 400 pages of build up is over kill. You knew something was gonna happen between Grace and Shane but it took too long for it to happen. In this book it never happen. Shane lets his feeling be known and Grace shuts him down.

On to book 2 Saving Grace...

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