Monday, November 18, 2013

Beautiful Bastard/Bitch by Christina Lauren

Beautiful Bastard was brilliant. It was a heart-felt romance with the perfect amount of sex and banter.
I love when the couple argues and fights like crazy but can't stand to be away from each other. This book was fast paced and starts off with a bang. I love how the book is from the both of the characters perspectives.

Bennett and Chloe hook up pretty quick. Normally, when the couple gets together early and there is no build up of their relationship, it annoys me but with this book, it was exciting. Bennett is Chloe's boss. Chloe is the intern. Their relationship is frown upon but they don't see it as a relationship but more as hate-f*****g. They cannot stand each other. They argue and drive each other crazy but they have this weird thing where they can't get enough of each other. 

There is a lot of sex in the office but the steamy scenes don't overshadow the romance aspect of the story. Bennett respects Chloe as a business woman even though they argue. He knows she is smart and is going places after she finishes her masters. He slowly falls for her. He likes that she gives just as good as she gets. He is afraid to lose her as his intern and his lover. Chloe overhears Bennett talking down about her and her feelings get hurt. 

Instead of talking to him and acting like a normal adult, she leaves. She cuts all contact off with Bennett and quits her job. They both mope around for a couple of months. Bennett gets updates about Chloe from her best friend. Finally, Bennett grows some balls and goes to Chloe. He tells her how he feels. 

I love the banter, the name calling, the driving each other absolutely crazy, the obsession of ripping panties and the realization that they are perfect for each other. I swoon over Bennett. It wasn't that he was gorgeous or rich but more that he was a jerk but he cared about Chloe so fierce. I didn't like the cliffhanger. They finally get back together and the book ends. 

Beautiful Bitch picks up a year after Beautiful Bastard ended. Chloe and Bennett are still together and are sort of going through a rough patch. They work so much that they don't see each other often. They miss each other. 

In Beautiful Bitch there are flash backs from the past year of their relationship. It is still in both of the perspectives. They still argue, love each other and Bennett's obsession with ripping Chloe's panties. There isn't a lot that happens in the book. They both just realize that they want to be together forever. I like how it was a short continuation of their love story. I didn't like how it sort of ended in a cliffhanger. I wanted to know what happen after she said yes. 

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