Monday, August 4, 2014

Rogue (Real #4) by Katy Evans

I loved Rogue. I love the whole Real Series. I so excited for Rogue and I could hardly wait for it to come out. Melanie and Greyson have to be one of my favorite couples ever. I liked that past people from other books made an appearance in this book. I was thinking Melanie was going to get with Riley since they had a thing in the first couple of books. I was surprise that they didn't and I was glad they didn't. I love Greyson too much.

Greyson is an heir to the underground empire. His father controls all the tickets, gambling and money that goes into the underground fighting circuit. It's a title he doesn't want. All he really wants is his mother but his dad took her away when he was 13 and her location was kept a secret from Greyson. His father is dying from cancer and makes a deal with him. Collect all the 48 debts that owe the underground and he will get his mother's location. Greyson is good at his job. So good that his alias name is Zero. Cause there is zero trace of him ever. He gets in, does the job and gets out. 

Greyson decides to take the deal for his mother location. He follows, traces and stalks the people on the list his father gave him. Melanie is one of those people. He wants her the moment he sees her. She is different than anyone he has ever met. Greyson is trained to fight, lie and kill. He does whatever it takes to make sure the job gets done until Melanie.

Melanie lives a carefree life with a smile on her face. But underneath the clothes and smile, she is miserable. Her twin sister died so she could live and she feels she is living for 2 people now. She goes through guys like a normal person goes through food. She pretends to be happy so everyone will think she is. Greyson walks into her life on a raining night and changes all that. He sees her for who she really is. She falls for him quick even though he tells her he's the bad guy.

Greyson is secretive. He never talks to Melanie about his family, job or anything personal. He comes and goes a lot. Melanie sometimes feels like she wants him more than he wants her and at anytime he's going to live and not come back. She thinks he has a secret life which he does. Greyson works through the list, even skipping Melanie's name just to give her more time. He is afraid that if anyone in the underground world finds out about her, they will use her against him. He doesn't want the same thing to happen to her that happen to his mom.

A lot more stuff happen to make the book a great story. There is a great plot and characters. There were a few things that bothered me that had to be an oversight on the author's part. The night Melanie met Greyson, she clearly states she wishes she had worn a bra and then a chapter later and on the same night when Greyson is undressing her, it states he took her bra off. I find that highly unlikely and impossible to do if she wasn't wearing one. Somewhere early in the book she states to her parents that she will be 25 in 3 weeks. Then when Greyson crashes her Sunday brunch with her parents a little later in the book, she says she will be 25 in a little over a month. I feel like the author couldn't remember small details about the characters and instead of looking back in previous chapters, she just made new stuff up. 

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