Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Something Wonderful (Something Great #2) by M. Clarke

Why did I torture myself again? I didn't like the first book Something Great and I thought maybe this one would be a little better, so I gave it a chance. I should have known better. There are too many POVs. I am all for dual POVs when it's just 2 people but 4 people was just too much. It was like there were 2 different but the same stories going on in the same book. There was Becky and Matthew's relationship/story. Then there was Max's and Jenna's relationship. They did entwine with each other but I didn't need all the different POVs.

Some words that were over used in this book. There were a loth but these 3 words bothered me to no end. Every time I read them in a sentence I got more annoyed and rolled my eyes. It seemed like every other sentence had since, besides or so in it. 

For example..
"Besides, Max isn't...I mean...we've never even discussed marriage. It's way too soon."
"Besides, I want to be able to drink as much as I want and not worry about how I'm getting home."
"And besides, I didn't drive here, so I can get as drunk as I want."
"After making a cup of coffee, since That was the reason why I can here in the first place."
"I was confused about what day it was, since Jenna was always at Max's place on Friday nights."
"We rarely talked about sex, since she was uncomfortable with it, so hearing this question came off as a surprise."
"I asked, changing the subject to a more comfortable one, so her cheeks could turn back to their normal color."
"Actually, I knew you would go home with Max, so I asked Nicole to pick us up since it's one the way"

Jenna gets mad or fired up like she says is just laughable. The way she describes being mad is too funny. I wouldn't be able to take her being mad serious. Her need to remind me how great her friends are is too much. Every time she's around one of them she goes into detail about how great and wonderful they are. They have always been there for her.

Matthew calling Becky, Becca was confusing. I didn't understand it and it was never explained why which was irritating. I kept thinking there was another character in the book named Becca. Although Matthew was my favorite character in the book. I think if I had to meet any of these characters in real life, Matthew would be the least annoying to me.

Max getting mad and pushing Jenna away was stupid and way beyond immature. "Jenna, we are not done, nor are we broken. I had to see how you would react. I needed to know. Now I see you truly love me." Load of crap. These characters act like they're in high school, instead of adults. They say some immature stuff. 

There is a third book in the series, Something Forever. I will probably read that one too. Even though I hate the series, I have to know how it all ends.

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