Monday, August 18, 2014

Something Great (Something Great #1) by M. Clarke

I know this book has been out for a while but I was looking for something to read and came across Something Forever which is the last book in the series. I realized I had to start the series from the beginning which led me to this book.

What the heck did I read? That's the thought I had throughout most of the book. It's called Something Great but it really should be called Something Boring, Something Childish, Something other than Great. These people are suppose to be in the their 20s but it felt like I was reading a book about teenagers. There was way too much damn giggles, blushing and teenage lingo. Every cheesy line was said in this book. Every perfect word that you wish a guy would say to you, was said in this book. This book was more like a fairy tale. There wasn't a lot of character development or back story. The plot could have potentially made this a great story had the author know how to write a good book.

Jenna seemed really young, inexperienced, innocent and frankly dumb. She repeated herself constantly. It was really annoying. At the beginning of the book, Jenna makes it seem like she's in her mid 20s with a good head on her shoulders. She said she met her roommate her senior year in college and they have lived together for 4 years but towards the end of the book, she's really only 23. She changes her mind a lot. She seemed well put together at first but then half way through the book, I was sick of her.

Max seems like a player, of course. Every book nowadays makes the guy a player until he meets the one. He knows everything to say to get the girl and he absolutely seems perfect, which was irritating. When Jenna first sees him, he looked or sounded great but then she talked to him and I saw every high school boy I went to high school with. He acts and speaks way too young.

This book was just not for me. It needed a better author to write it. The cheesy, over played sayings and everything about Max was just too much. The author over explained everything that was happening too. It had way too much detail.

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