Monday, August 25, 2014

Pretty Little Lies (Pretty Little Lies #1) by Jennifer Miller

Pretty Little Lies is a story about 2 young people who fell in love as teenagers, had a fallen out and the found each other years later and pick right back up where they were years before. It makes me wonder if true love really does exist and if fate is real.

I really liked this book. There was something about it that I just loved. I loved the little fashion tips at the beginning of each chapter. They kind of told the reader what the chapter was going to be about in a way. I loved that the book was in one person's POV. It didn't need multiple POVs to be good. I liked the secondary characters and the interaction between Olivia and Pyper.

I hated the little misunderstanding Olivia and Luke had when they were teenagers but it does make the book all that more enjoyable. I didn't like Deacon at all. He seemed like a good guy that turned crazy.

Olivia does have a little too long inner monologues but other than that I liked her alot. She is a strong female. She has been through the ringer with two shitty relationships but still finds a way to pick herself up and move on.

Luke is a true romantic to me. He hasn't see or talk to Olivia in 7 years but he still wants her like the first day he saw her. 7 years didn't change his feelings for her. He loves her and wants her. He does everything in his power to make her his again.

The cliffhanger at the end sucked. I hate when books end like that. Now I have to read the next book to see what happens.

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