Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Reasonable Doubt (Reasonable Doubt #3) by Whitney Gracia Williams

Reasonable Doubt Volume 3 was the final book in the Reasonable Doubt Series. It was a perfect conclusion to the series. It was a little longer than the previous 2 books. It was also a little tamer on the sexy sex side of things. There was still tons of dirty talk but the sex was done down a lot. It was more of a romance book where they guy is trying to win the girl over and not just trying to get in her pants. The book is told in dual POVs.

There was some back story on Andrew. It made me realize he is human that had a messed up past and I completely understood him at the end of the book. Every action has a reaction and that was very true for Andrew. I thought this book was a little drawn out. Andrew kept messing up things with Aubrey instead of fixing things. The book jump forward a couple of months and did go back in time for Andrew. I loved Aubrey for standing up for herself against Andrew and her parents. She's an adult that finally took control of her life. I was proud of her.

I liked at the end of the book, everyone had sort of made peace in a way. Aubrey sort of made up with her parents. Andrew came to terms what his ex-wife and his best friend had done. Andrew was finally able to grieve for his daughter. Aubrey gave Andrew a well deserved second chance.  However, I didn't like how the book ended. I felt like there should be another book in the series.

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