Monday, August 11, 2014

Worth The Fight (MMA Fighter #1) by Vi Keeland

I know Worth The Fight has been out for almost a year but I just got around to reading it. I know realized what took me so long to read it. I didn't really like it all that much. The storyline, plot, characters, and issues are were all okay. Some were good but the book to me was boring. I can't really put my finger on it, but there was just something that bugged me about the book as a whole.

Nico Hunter is an MMA Fighter that killed a man during a man during a cage fight. He is still very much dealing with the emotional issues that come with killing someone. He is strong, sexy, tattooed, has a huge family and a huge heart. Although he doesn't think his heart is big or likes people thinking it is.

Elle is an attorney. She has been seeing a guy named William, who is also her friend and an old classmate. She is hired William to help get Nico out of a contract with a company he no longer wants to be apart of. The minute she sees Nico, sparks fly and she's speechless. She didn't realized her life was boring and she was missing something until Nico. She has her own issues that cause her to have nightmares. They go through up and downs like any normal couple. Nico tends to shut Elle out and push her away a lot in the book.

Nico does need to learn how to dirty talk. It was on the tame side and was very disappointing to say the least. The book had some cheesy parts that I didn't like and I normally love cheesy. The writing was very repetitive. I would read the same thing over and over again. I wonder if the author did this on purpose or didn't even realize it. Nico also smiled a lot for someone to be dealing with a dark past. I think the writing was made me not like Worth The Fight. It sucked. I hope the series gets better.

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