Monday, August 4, 2014

Craving Absolution (The Aces #3) by Nicole Jacquelyn

Farrah Miller and Cody “Casper” Butler have a longstanding relationship that both refuse to discuss. It isn’t romantic. It may not even be classified as a friendship. Casper’s been saving Farrah from herself for longer than he’d care to admit, watching silently as she drowned herself in alcohol. Then, when she finally got her act together, he left. He told himself he was giving her time to sort herself out. He tried to give her space. But getting shot in the chest can change a man’s perspective, and Casper’s done waiting. When he shows up on her doorstep one night, everything changes. He’s the man who’s seen her at her very worst. She’s his weakness. He runs when things get hard. She never lets anyone see below the surface and is terrified of being abandoned. He knows it’s a long shot, that there’s a good chance she’ll never drop her guard for him—but he has to try. Because a life with Farrah is exactly what he wants—even if he has to fight her for it.

Teaser 1:
"You wanted this, Cody. You waited her out and you chased her, now you've got her. But you need to remember that she's a lot softer than she lets on. Today's been a hard day for her, moving into a new place without Callie and Will. She's dealt with a lot in her lifetime, spent years protecting herself from people she shouldn't have had to. It takes quite a bit for her to trust someone." She paused for a moment, the air heavy with tension. "It doesn't take much to break that trust, son. You keep that in mind before you go leaving her again when she needs you."

Teaser 2:
"Shut up," he said in a low growl as he advanced on me, reaching me as my back hit the front door. "You were worried about me." His mouth was on mine before I could reply.

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