Monday, October 6, 2014

Stay With Me (Wait For You #3) by Jennifer Armentrout

I loved this book, then again I love the whole series. Jennifer Armentrout knows how to write and capture an audience. Jax and Calla are great together. I think they give Cam and Avery a run for the money in the cute factor.

Calla had a bad life. Her house caught fire when she was a kid, she got burned pretty bad. Her back is a complete mess with scars and she has scars on her face and chest that are just as bad but has had surgery on. She lost her young brothers in the fire, her dad left soon after the fire and her mom turned into a druggie. She had to deal with everything on her own for a long while until she escapes and goes away to college. Then her mom steals her money for school and forces her to go back home, just to find out her mom's druggie friends are after her. Those bad people make Calla's life worse. They threaten her, throw dead bodies at her door, kidnap her and shoot her. I think the only good thing was her meeting Jax. 

Jax is prefect in every way but he probably thinks different. He's sweet, a gentleman, has goals, is head over heels for Calla, he's sexy and has a good head on his shoulders. He's has been in love with Calla before Calla even knew his name. Which isn't creepy but really hot. Even though Calla has a noticeable scar on her face, he doesn't see it. He still thinks she's beautiful. He didn't have that great of a life either. He served in the military, had his sister die and saw his friends die while serving overseas. He got hurt in a road side bomb and has the scars to prove it. He drank and went through girls to help deal with the nightmares and the bomb cause.

Jax is everything Calla has wanted but didn't think was possible. She hasn't got to experience life and at 21, she is way behind her peers. She has never had a boyfriend, been kissed, had sex, ate apple pie, been drunk and the list goes on and on. Jax wants Calla and does everything to prove it to her. She doesn't think a hot guy like Jax really wants her though. Then you throw in a mean girl named Aimee that also wants Jax. She is everything Calla isn't. Aimee knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go after it. She is also beautiful and doesn't have a scar on her face. Aimee makes Calla question everything that is happening between her and Jax.

Calla reminded me a lot of Avery in a lot of ways. She was in her head a lot. She had a traumatizing experience just like Avery and she didn't experience life. A lot of past characters made small appearances in the book which I love. I also love Katie. She seemed different and fun. I didn't like some of Calla's long inter-monologues. I hated how everytime she mentioned Aimee, she said Aimee with 1 i and 2 e's. A little annoying. It seemed like everyone in the book besides Calla and Jax had blue eyes. When Calla would describe someone they had blue eyes and was hot. 

I also wonder what is going on with Reece and Roxy. I hope the next book is about them. It seems like it could be good.

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