Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Beat (The Beat and The Pulse #1) by Amity Cross

I think what makes a book a good book is the characters and the character development. Most every book has the same type of characters and this book was no different. I like certain types of character and I tend to read books with those characters. I feel like I can relate to those characters more than any other type of character. To me, when I can relate to something, I tend to like the book more and thinks it's good. There can't be a book without the characters.

The characters:
- Female Lead. Renee or as she goes by Ren. Strong. Thinks she plain. Has a lot of pain and hurt. Has no one. Learns to fight.
- Hunks. Hot. Over protective. Just looking out for Ren. Happens to be twins, Dean and Lincoln.
- Half Sister. Monica. Super mega bitch. Spoiled and doesn't like the fact that Ren is her sister.
- Best Friend. Josie. Instant best friend. Ren confides in her a lot and they hang out every morning. I loved her instantly. Ren and Josie met when Josie fell and Ren stopped and helped her up.
- Competition. Seth. Coffee shop employee. Ren's coworker. Has a thing for Ren but doesn't stand a chance.
- Ren's Parentals. Mom die. Dad abandoned her when she was 5.
- Main Male. Ash. Sexy. Quiet. A fighter. Wants Ren but kept pushing her away.
- Groupies. Tons of fake girls. Fake hair, boobs, ass, tan, everything was fake about them. They always want the hot main guy.
- Enemy. Hammer and Rogue. Hammer hates Ash and wants everything Ash has. Makes his life hell. Rogue ends up having a problem with Ren after Ren beats her in a fight.

I thought Monica was super annoying. She was mad cause Ren showed up and wanted to get to know their dad. If I was Ren, I would have been mad at Monica. Ren and her mom were in the picture before Monica came along. Their dad cheated on Ren's mom with Monica's mom. He eventually left Ren and her mom for Monica and her mom. Ren should of been the one that was pissed off. But Ren never showed hatred towards Monica cause of that situation. She showed Monica hatred for other things though.

Ash and Ren's relationship worked for me. They had the chemistry even though they barely talked. They didn't need words to communicate, they spoke with the body language. I liked how Ash became very protective of Ren and didn't want her to get hurt. Ash reminded me a lot of Remy from Real by Katy Evans. Ren was a strong woman. She had been through hell most of her life, she had to watch her mom die right in front of her and she slept in a storage closet but she still found a way to wake up every morning. I liked how she took up fighting for herself and then somehow it made her and Ash bond even more. The fighting for Ren was a way to let her anger out. It made her feel good, alive almost and the money wasn't so bad either.

I didn't like how the book ended. The cliff hanger sucked. I hate books that end like that. But I guess it makes me want to read the next book to find out what happens next.

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