Monday, June 9, 2014

Until Series by Aurora Rose Reynolds

I read the whole Until Series in about a week. I originally didn't have any desire to read the books but then I read the synopsis for Until Nico and I was hooked. I had to read the series and I am glad I did. I saw some similarities between the Until Series and A Neighbor From Hell Series.

Until November is the first book in the series and it was okay. There was something off about the book. I don't know if it was the writing or the author didn't know what she was doing but something with the book bothered me. I loved the character November and Asher. I loved their storyline. I loved the Asher was protective of November and his banter with his brothers. I wish their would have been more of his brothers in his story. What bothered me was how within days of meeting each other, they were already living together. I thought that was way too soon. One of the could have been an ax murderer or something. I also didn't like the mother not liking her child thing. It seems like it is over played in books. The author always wants the reader to like the main chick in the book and makes the mom hated her daughter thinking that will make the main chick likeable. But instead it just makes me feel sorry for the girl and wonder why the author did that. Asher being a player until his BOOM as everyone calls it is a little different. He was a man whore until he found his one and then his whole life changed and it was about her. The BOOM part was different and I liked it. I thought the author could have came back up with a better name than November and the kids names too weren't that great either.

Until Trevor is the second book and the second oldest Mayson boy. I thought he was the hottest and sweetest one. I fell head over hells in love with Trevor. I was surprised that even though Liz was his BOOM how could he push her away. Liz and Trevor's love story was my favorite. When Trevor realized he wanted Liz he did everything in his power to make her his. He wanted to be her best friend and lover. Trevor messed up with Liz when they first met and he knew he hurt her. I guess in a way he wasn't ready for the feelings he was feeling for Liz. I loved that Liz seemed sweet and shy but she had a backbone and wasn't afraid to tell Trevor off. They had some pretty steamy sex scenes. I like how the author caught us up on November and Asher too.

Until Lilly was okay. I didn't really like it. Cash gave up his true love because he got another girl pregnant and then trying to win Lilly back just didn't sit well with me. If he loved Lilly like he claimed too, he would have done everything to be with her. I didn't like Jules, Cash's crazy ex. Lilly was a good mom to her daughter and I liked how she step in and took care of Cash's son. Some women have a problem taking care of someone else's kid but she didn't. I loved the role the kids played in the book. They were adorable. I think if it wasn't for the kids, Cash and Lilly wouldn't have found their way back to each other. There was a creepy guy named David that has a thing for Lilly and there is something about him that rubs Cash the wrong way. In Until Nico we found out whats really wrong with the David guy.

I had though Trevor was my favorite but I was wrong. Nico was my favorite. He was sexy, tattooed and a bad boy. He didn't believe any of the BOOM nonsense his brothers had falling victim too Until he met his BOOM. He didn't think returning a lost cell phone would have him meeting his love. He wanted her the moment he saw her. Sophie is sweet and innocent. She has a past that has made things difficult for her. Nico understand everything and goes slow with her. He wants her and will do anything to be with her. Sophie is scared to meet his family and makes it difficult for Nico at times. She tries to push him away but he keeps coming back. Once Sophie realizes she ain't getting rid of Nico no matter how hard she tries, she gives in to him. Their relationship takes off pretty fast after that but it's perfect for their love story. Nico keeps telling Sophie he wants her pregnant. I would think it would be a little fast for me, just meeting a guy a couple of months before but Sophie likes the idea eventually. Sophie does get pregnant quick. She also has a stalker that makes her and Nico's life miserable. She is scared and sleeps very little. Nico does everything to protect her. Sophie does get kidnapped and almost murdered but Nico saves her. Past characters make appearances in this book. And I loved catching up with them and seeing what they were doing.

I loved this series and am glad I read it. I wish there were more books in the series. I didn't really like it at first but then it got good. I couldn't put the books down. 

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