Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Overwhelmed By You (Tear Asunder #2) By Nashoda Rose

I was dying for Overwhelmed By You to come out. I was wishing this book came out before Torn From You. It was a great book but I was expecting something completely different than I read. I love how the author writes about stuff that is happening to real people in real life. It's a little more relatable. I also love that the characters from Torn From You made an appearance in this book. I love knowing what they're up too.

I had love Ream in Torn From You. I loved that he was an asshole, mean and cocky. However, in Overwhelmed By You, he was different that I originally thought he was going to be. Kat is a strong women. I think she is the strongest woman I have ever read a story about. She has gone through a lot and stills finds a way to get up every morning.

I thought I had the whole story figured out. I thought it was going to be able a girl wanting the hot rocker guy. Him going through a faze where he doesn't think he is good enough for her and then realizing she is the one when she tries moving on. Overwhelmed By You is nothing like that. The book gives a little back story to Kat and Ream's relationship. They both have a crazy past. Kat lost her parents when she was really young and she got diagnosed with MS when she was a teenager. She doesn't think anyone will accept her with her illness and hides it. Ream's mom stole him to drug dealers to pay off her debt to them. He has done some pretty crazy and horrible stuff. He also killed a guy that was hurting his sister and thinks he lost his sister to a drug overdose.

Ream finds out about Kat's illness. At first he thinks she's a druggie and that pissed him off. He later finds out what is going on and tries to make it up to her. She doesn't want anything to do with him. Ream has been on tour and just gets back in town and makes in his mission to win Kat back. Kat is mad and hurt and doesn't want Ream's pity. They go through some stuff and he does everything in his power to win her over. She caves in. But right when she thinks she is gonna get her happily ever after, she finds Ream in bed with another woman and man.

Kat is heart broken. She tries to move on, then she gets kidnapped. Ream comes to her rescue. That when she learns about his past. The woman that kidnapped Kat is a girl that Ream knew when he was younger. She was the drug dealer's daughter and in love with Ream. She was mad when he left. Ream makes a deal with her, he will stay if Kat gets to leave. Kat is arguing with him and that when this other girl walks in and kills the female from Ream's past. She is Ream's sister Heaven. She wasn't dead. She has been alive this whole time and trying to protect Ream.

That was basically the end of the book. Some other stuff happens but it wasn't that big of a deal. Kat and Ream get together again. He wants only her. And she wants just him. His past doesn't change her opinion of him. She loves him.

I can't wait for the next book in the series. Cris and Heaven's story. I hope it is just as good or even better than the other books in the series.

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