Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Devil's Game (Reapers MC #3) by Joanna Wylde

Devil's Game was great. I had been waiting forever for this book and it lived up to all my expectations. I love Joanna Wylde and the Reapers MC series. This book had to be the best in the series so far. I loved the storyline and the character development.

Em is a great heroine. She has a take no shit from anyone personality. She can be a sweetheart but she did grow up in a motorcycle club, so she knows how to fight when it was necessary. She is tired of living under her dad's watchful eye. She is tired of wanting someone that doesn't want her back. She just wants to be independent and be her own person. She meets Liam and thinks he is the one. He then kidnaps her and she finds out he is a liar. She doesn't want to want Liam but is drawn to him. Em has always been my favorite character and I was glad she finally got a book and a happy ending.

Liam is a Devil's Jack. He is sent to watch Em the Reaper's president's daughter. The minute he sees her, he wants her. There is something about Em that gets to him. Liam is dangerous, is part of the rival MC club and can't stay away from Em. He is an asshole, talks super dirty and knows how to turn Em on. He thinks she deserves so much more than she thinks she does.

Devil's Game starts off with back stories of Em and Liam's childhood. Then it goes to the part that's in Reaper's Legacy when Em meets Liam at the bar. We finally find out what happen with Em and Liam after he kidnapped her and what went down at the house. Em and Liam have a Romeo and Juliet love story thing going on. They're not suppose to want each other or be together but are. Liam's brother basically tells Em to stay away from Liam. She's no good for him. Em's dad and some other Reapers tell Em to stay away from Liam but she doesn't. Liam makes Em his old lady. To Em that means everything. Some big things go down between the clubs and almost destroys their relationship. Em's dad learns to accept their relationship. He sees how much Liam loves her and is willing to risk to be with her. Liam and Em move in together at the end. The Devil's Jacks want to use her as a neutral territory. They aren't going to hurt her since she is a Devil's Jacks old lady and the Reapers won't hurt her since she is part of their MC club.  

The book is great. I loved it all. The dirty talk was my favorite. Liam knew how to talk dirty. I think he has the dirtiest mouth of all the MC club members. There were that many steamy moments between Liam and Em but what was in the book did the trick. They were great and held nothing back. There is also a sneak peek into Picnic story that comes out next in the series. 

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