Monday, June 23, 2014

Forever Consumed (Consumed #3) by Skyla Madi

Forever Consumed is the third and final book in the Consumed series. It is in dual POVs.

I loved the overall book. I wanted a happy ending for Olivia and Seth. I didn't like how the first 2  books ended. I kept thinking they needed closure. I thought this book was a little too by the book with the marriage and baby thing. It seems like in every series the couple gets married and has a baby in book three.

There was a couple of things that bothered me. Olivia forgave Seth way too much. The minute she would find something out, she would forgive him. The minute he did something wrong, she would forgive him. Sometimes especially when it's something big, it takes longer than a minute to process and forgive. Seth kissed her best friend twice, yet she forgives him instantly. But, she has a hard time forgiving her best friend. I didn't understand it. Her reasoning was her best friend stop sharing things with her, she's secretive, so that's why she was having a hard time forgiving her. I would think she would have a hard time forgiving her husband too. He promised his life to her, he committed himself to her in front of god and everyone else. I hard time understand Olivia in this book. She was weak and a pushover. She was very strong willed when she was first introduced in the very first book, but she lost herself over the books. Seth not being on board with Olivia's pregnancy pissed me off. He blamed her and made it seem like it was her fault. Doesn't he know it takes 2 to tango? Olivia didn't get herself pregnant.

Jackson and Selena's relationship frustrated me, but at the same time I wanted to know what was going on with those two. I think most of the book, I was more interest in them than who the book was really about.

I did love the funny little moments between Olivia and Seth. The silly ones that weren't serious, just two people in love hanging out, having fun and laughing. They almost seemed real. The chemistry between Olivia and Seth is perfect. They genuinely cared for each other. Seth sure does love his nipple jokes and making Olivia blush. Seth seemed different in this book. The last couple of books, he seemed angry and bitter, but this one he was light, carefree and at peace.

I can't wait for Selena and Jackson's book. I really want to know about those two more than anything.

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