Monday, April 21, 2014

The Last Man On Earth (The Graysons #1) by Tracy Anne Warren

I absolutely loved this book. It seemed a little off the first couple of chapters but it picked up. It was pretty long. I kept thinking the book was over but it kept going. I thought after the couple had their problem, broke up, it was a couple of days later they realized they couldn't be apart and got back together. However, that wasn't the case. The book went on with the couple trying to get over each other and moving on. It seemed realistic to me. The book is from multiple point of views. I lost count of all the different people's head I was in.

Zack and Madelyn work together for the same company with the same titles. They're constantly fighting over wanting the bigger accounts. Zack is a supposedly man-whore, who sleeps and flirts with everyone. Madelyn is a good girl that is trying to make it in a man's world. She can't stand Zack. She also just got out of a serious relationship. She wants commitment, her last boyfriend was willing to give her that but something was off to her. She wants the passion and love that her ex-boyfriend just didn't do for her.

Zach was suppose to be sexy player that didn't want any kind of commitment. He told Madelyn from the beginning it was just about sex. But it seemed like from the very beginning he was falling for her.
He didn't mess around with other girls, he didn't want to share Madelyn with other men. He stop the flirting with females. He spent all his free time with her. He is always thinking about her and even wants to help her with some of her work problems.

Madelyn and Zack get together by accident the first time. It was New Years and they had both been drinking. Zack confesses he has wanted Madelyn from the moment he met her. They decide to start a sex only relationship with a bunch of rules. One of the rules is it has to stay quiet. Madelyn doesn't want anyone to know about them. They are suppose to treat each other the same at the office. The spend months sneaking around outside of work. One weekend on Madelyn's birthday, she tells Zack she loves him. He seems freaked out. He distances himself from her for a couple of days. When he does pop back up, Madelyn thinks he is going to break up with her.

Instead, Zack wants their relationship out in the open. He's tired of hiding and sneaking around. Madelyn thinks that means marriage. Zack doesn't want the marriage, house or kids. He just want Madelyn in his life for however long that is. Madelyn breaks up with him. The go through the break up stage. The ignore each other. But something isn't right with either one of them. The miss each other. Madelyn trying to move on, accepts her ex-boyfriend James' marriage proposal. He can give her everything she wants even if she loves someone else that can't.

The book goes on with Madelyn planning the wedding and missing Zack. She cheats on James with Zack on an over night business trip. Zack thinks that means they're back together but Madelyn still wants everything he can't offer. Zack becomes miserable. The wedding day comes and Madelyn realizes she can't be with James. She wants Zack and whatever he has to offer her. Zack comes to the wedding to tell Madelyn how he feels. They get back together and Zack asks for her hand in marriage. He realizes he wants her and only her. He will be miserable without her.

I did have a couple of problems with the book. Madelyn tells Zack at the beginning of the book right before they hooked up the first time, she has a boyfriend. He still sleeps with her. Later he says, he won't share her. But he never asks her if she broke up with James. Zack is supposedly a man whore but all you ever hear about is the rumors. He never confirms it and he didn't even seem like a man whore. He has sex with Madelyn once and it always about her after that. They never met at Zack's apartment, nor do when met or hear about Zack's sister. She is just mentioned once or twice as him having a sister. Shouldn't the people they work with know something was going on. The had the same days off. The were always busy on the weekends and they're weren't that mean to each other anymore.

I liked the book and I can't wait for the next one. I hope it's better than this one.

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