Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Runaway Groom (Watkins Pond #1) by Virginia Nelson

He’s ready and waiting. She’s wanting…but wary. The groom is back in town. Abigail lost her best friend years ago when he ditched her at the altar like a loaf of stale bread. Now he’s back and determined to do whatever he has to—even lie, apparently—to get under her skin. Although he makes her hormones rev to life in a way that no one has since he left, she is equally determined not to fall for his boy-next-door charm. His bride-to-be is somewhat reluctant. Braxton Dean was too young and stupid to know better when he walked away. Years of trying to fill the Abby-shaped hole in his heart have left him empty, and now he’s going to win back his girl—or get over her. But first he needs answers. Particularly why she never responded to any of his letters. It might take a whole town to make this wedding happen. With the help of their friends, the two battle it out. The army? An entire town of busybodies. The prize? Happily ever after.

 “That is pretty fucking underhanded, Braxton.”
He grinned. “I know. All’s fair in love and war.”
“Which are we planning?”
His smile only seemed to grow. “Whichever involves you screaming my name, darlin’.”
She wondered if he remembered that talking in that slow, drawn-out drawl was like waving a green flag at her lady parts…all systems go.
Poking his chest with one finger, she met his tempting eyes, refusing to acknowledge the way his voice going husky like that made her stomach clench in need. “This isn’t going to work.”
“We’ll see.” Snaring her up against his body and keeping her tight in his arms even when she wiggled with a half-assed attempt to free herself, he grinned. “Always seems to work pretty damned good to me.” With that, he closed his mouth over hers and she got lost in the taste of him.
When he released her, she panted, one hand still cupping his face, and tried to remember what they’d been talking about.

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