Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Crashed (The Driven Trilogy #3) by K. Bromberg

Crashed is the final book in the Driven Series. It was not what I was expecting. It seemed like it was very slow paced. It dragged on forever in the beginning before it got to anything good. It was a great ending to Rylee's and Colton's love story but I guess I was hoping for more. It was emotional and intense. I am sad to see the story end but it was a great ending to Rylee and Colton's story. I thought the whole series was set up to be about getting help for Rylee's corporate cares thing and her boys as she calls them. They didn't make much of an appearance in this book.

I had originally loved Rylee's character. I thought she was strong, determined and a fighter but in Crashed she fell flat. She seemed weak. She repeated herself a lot and she let Colton walk all over her. He treated her like crap most of the book and instead of standing up for herself, she cowered into herself. She didn't voice her opinion enough to Colton. She also cried too much. I know with everything that is going on in the book with Colton's accident, it's very emotional but she cried way too much for my liking. She cried when she was happy, she cried when she was scared, she cried when she was mad, she cried for the boys, she cried for Colton, she cried for Colton's family. I mean she cried for everything and everyone. It was beyond annoying. She could have done something else besides cry. She could have yelled. Some of the scenes when she was crying, I kept thinking if this was happening to me, I would be screaming, yelling and throwing thing not crying.

Colton seemed a little mean to me in this book. I know he was going through a lot but he just didn't seem like the same Colton in the previous books. Colton finally opening up and telling Rylee what happen to him when he was a kid was very hard for to get my head around. I know things like that happen to kids everyday but it still took me by surprise. Colton's professing his love for Rylee and asking her for her hand in marriage was something I saw happening since the beginning of the series. It wouldn't be a great series if the lovebirds didn't get together.

I fell in love with Becks in this book. I loved his little comebacks and his banter with Colton. Becks and Colton's bromance was the best part of the book. I looked forward to a paragraph that had Becks in it. He brought something to the book that was missing. Beck's character was my favorite in this book. I didn't really care for him and I didn't see a reason for his character until Crashed. He had the best lines. I wish he would get his own story. I would definitely read it.

I think my absolute favorite part of this book was the scavenger hunt at the end when Colton had Rylee go all over time answering questions and getting prizes. It was different. I don't think I have ever read a book with this idea. I liked it. It was refreshing.

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