Sunday, April 6, 2014

Reasonable Doubt (Reasonable Doubt #1) by Whitney Gracia Williams

I enjoyed this book very much. It was a quick read. I think it had less than a 100 pages but it was still a really great short story. I hate the cliffhanger. It was just starting to get really good and juicy and bam the book ended. I hope the next 2 books are a little longer.

Andrew is a sexy asshole lawyer and everyone loves an asshole. He doesn't do relationship or friendships. He is only with women once. He meets them online. He fine dines them and then has sex with them. Andrew can't stand liars, something from his past has screw him up. It never says what it is and that was a little frustrating. He also has a very dirty mouth.

Alyssa seems like a smart, well educated, takes no shit from anybody and is liar. Her name is really Aubrey and she is Andrew's new intern. Alyssa is also really young to Andrew and has parent issues. She is double majoring with ballet and law.

They have this weird friendship over a 6 month period. Alyssa/Aubrey needs help with her law classes and goes on a lawyer relationship website. She meets Andrew and that were their friendship begins. Andrew wants to meet Alyssa/Aubrey. She doesn't want to. They flirt, talk daily, have great chemistry and Andrew definitely wants her. Fate decides to take matters into its own hands and makes them meet. Andrew is pissed off and doesn't talk to her for a couple of weeks but can't stand to be away from her. He still wants her even though she lied.

I hope the next book comes out fast.

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