Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Undescribable (Undescribable #1) by Shantel Tessier

I know this book has been out for a while but I wanted to read it and I wishing right now I didn't. What can I say about this book besides that it was horrible. The grammar, the spelling, the characters, the plot, the whole book sucked. It seemed like it was never ending. I didn't want to finish the book but for some unknown reason I kept reading it.

First of all, there was no build up to the story. The characters knew each other hours and they were already falling in love and basically living together. In the beginning, like the first 5 pages, I liked Sam. She seemed feisty and strong willed but then she meets Slade and she becomes a wuss. She keeps saying she wants to be independent, she can't dependent on Slade, she fights him for control and blah, blah, blah, but it seem liked she bends to his rules and ways too easily. Slade annoyed me so much I wanted to go through the book and strangle him. He is a typically horn dog that sleeps with everything then he gets a call from Sam who at the time was looking for her bf and then he can't get her out of his head and wants her. The build up sucked. I wanted build up. Characters are suppose to meet and then 5 minutes later long each other.

Slade was suppose to be an attorney by day and a cocky foul mouth playboy by night. He is suppose to have a different girl in his bed every night. However, Slade did not deliver on anything. He is always taking off work to hang out with Sam and he only talks dirty when they're having sex or about to have sex. He wasn't a playboy at all. He had a couple of different girls but it wasn't on playboy status.

This book seemed more like a teenage high school love story with sex more than an adult romance novel. The way the characters started to feel about each other so soon after meeting reminds me of teenagers doing the same thing. It also pissed me off how the author didn't really seem like she knew where she wanted the characters going or doing. At first, it seems like Sam didn't have a dad. She says her parents divorced when she was really young, they hated each other and she was surprised when her dad and he left her everything. But then a couple pages later she says she was a daddy's girl. I was confused with this. It also seemed like Sam's mom not liking her was the author trying to make the reader feel sorry for Sam.

Sam breaks up with her bf Jax early on in the book and it seems like she should be sad about it. She was with him for 8 months, he was her first and she moved to a new town to be with him but the day after she breaks up with him she is all over Slade. I don't see how Sam being in town for 8 months and everyone she knows there already loves her. She said herself, she didn't go out much so how can anyone really know her.

It seem like this book wasn't well written or thought out. It seem like as the story went on the author just threw things in to try and make it better. There were so many thing that was wrong with this book, I couldn't remember them all. I didn't not like this book at all. I had high hopes but was let down. I liked the first couple of chapters but the book just falls apart after that. It seemed once the main characters got together the book lost its appeal.

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