Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Unbearable Guilt (Breathe Again #2) by Emma Grayson

Kane Archer hasn’t always been full of rage or torment, he hasn’t always hated life or himself, and he hasn’t always lived in a world riddled with so much guilt that it consumed him. There was a time when his life was complete, when he smiled and laughed, made electrifyingly passionate love, and breathed happiness. Until the unthinkable took it all away from him. Now, still reeling from his fiancĂ©e’s death two and a half years later, and with the promise he made to find the men who killed her and bring them to justice –regardless of the cost– Kane returns to Camden, the one place he swore he’d never go back to. Numb, afflicted by guilt, and haunted by the events that led to Aimee’s death, the last thing Kane wanted was to meet someone he felt connected to; who made him feel again. As Kane gets closer to the ones responsible for Aimee’s death, he’s thrown a curve ball when he discovers a secret so devastating it not only rocks his world, but threatens to destroy any chance at happiness. Whitney Jareau packed up her life and left everything behind when tragedy struck her family. Finally able to get away from her persistent and domineering family who wanted her to do the one thing she couldn’t, she found her solitude in Camden. Now, two years later, her family wants her home and will go to any lengths to get her there. With her heart on her sleeve for Kane Archer, a man so gorgeous it hurts to see the pain he carries, Whitney fights her family and refuses to return home to carry out their wishes. Can Whitney stand strong without succumbing to the demands of her family? Can Kane let Aimee and the past go in order to move forward with the woman who brought him back to life? Or will he walk away from her and only ever feel the burden of UNBEARABLE GUILT.

His eyes dropped to the top of my shoulder as he watched his index finger trace in soft swirls over my skin then slowly down my arm. “There’s something here, between us,” he said, his eyes looking back up at me. “Pulling me towards you, and you towards me.”

“A magnetic field,” I said lowly.

Kane tossed his head back erupted with laughter. His chest shook up and down as the sound of his laugh engulfed me like a warm blanket on a cold night. I looked up at him, mesmerized by his beauty during such a simple, normal, mundane moment, realizing, I hadn’t ever heard him laugh like that before.

He may have chuckled or softy laughed before, but I’d never –in the time of knowing him– heard him in full out laughter.

To someone watching in the distance, it would seem normal and like nothing out of the blue, but for me, to see him in that kind of light, it was something else.

It was thrilling and a beautiful moment to be in.

His laughter subsided as he looked down at me with a smile across his face. “Something like that,” he said with an edge of laughter.

I smiled, not at what he said, but at the fact that he was smiling back at me. His head dipped down, the warmth of his breath gliding over my skin as his lips finally captured mine.

Our lips moved together as he walked backwards and my back hit the door. I smoothed my hands over his broad shoulders, feeling his bare warm skin under my touch, and wrapped my arms around him. My tongue then swiped across his bottom lip, darted inside and collided with his and a soft chuckle sounded and vibrated into his mouth.

He pulled back, looking at me curiously as he asked, “What’s funny?”

“Every time I kiss you, you taste like chocolate.” I grinned.

“They helped me quit smoking,” he said, motioning with his head over to the coffee table where a yellow bag of M&M’s were sitting.

“No complaining here.”

His head moved closer, his lips inches from mine, “Good,” he said, then crashed his lips back on mine again, his tongue darting inside my mouth.

My heart rocked, ready to burst out of my chest.

I tightened my arms around his neck and I pulled him closer, needing to feel him against me. His hands on my hips gripped and balled my shirt in his hands as he pushed up against me and I could feel the hard bulge in pants.

I moaned.

His hands loosened and slide around me then, like he’d done before, he cupped my ass in his hands and lifted me off the floor; my flip flops dropping to the ground.

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