Monday, January 20, 2014

Rome (Marked Men #3) by Jay Crownover

I absolutely loved this book. This book was my favorite since Rule. I loved that Rule and Shaw was in this book a lot more. The characters, the plot, their love story and everything in between was great. I loved the little banter between Rome and Cora. Rome is sexy and mysterious. I like how he is closed off and doesn't really talk much or show emotion. It makes him hotter to me.  Cora is feisty. I liked her no take attitude. She doesn't let anyone walk over her and she protects her friends with everything she has. She kind of reminded me of Shaw a little. I loved Ace in this book too. I got to see a different side of him and he didn't seem so horrible like he was in Jet. He turned out to be a pretty good guy.

Rome started off where Jet ended. Everyone is at Rule and Shaw's Fourth of July barbeque. Rome is being captain no fun and being rude to everyone. Cora gets pissed off at Rome and pours her beer on him. Rome gets mad and started a fight with Rule. Rome goes to a bar and gets trashed and gets into a fight with a biker. They owner of the bar takes him to the hospital. As payment for destroying the bar, Rome has to fix it up.

On one of the days Rome is at the bar fixing it up, he was having a bad day and the owner decided he needed a break and lets him get drunk. He gets too drunk to drive and the owner calls Rule but Cora answers and comes to Rome's aid. She takes him back to her place to sleep it off. She ends up stuck sleeping in the same bed with him but who wouldn't mind sleeping with Rome. He is pretty damn hot. The next morning, they wake up and ended up having sex. Afterwards, Cora takes Rome back to the bar to get her car.

The book goes on with Cora and Rome going back and forth with fighting then making up. Rome is dealing with a lot of stuff that happen with him when he was deployed. He also is trying to get over his younger brother Remy's death. Cora is dealing with the possibility of not being able to love someone. Her last boyfriend broke her heart pretty bad and she is scared to trust someone with her whole heart again. As fate would have it, Cora ends up pregnant. Rome is excited and wants to keep the baby. Rome gets shot and almost dies. It makes Cora realized she loves him and wants to be with him.

Things moved a little quick between Rome and Cora. It seemed like one chapter they didn't know each other and then the next they were together and having a baby. I guess the story had to move fast so that the more important things could happen and be dragged out. The timing was a little off too. The book begin on the July 4th. Cora says her baby is due sometime in March. But, Cora and Rome didn't sleep together until the end of July which would make her due date the end of April, early May at the most. I loved the book overall. I can't wait for Nash's book. It seems like its gonna be good. I hope Rome, Cora, Rule and Shaw make an appearance in it.

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