Sunday, January 12, 2014

Beck (Corps Security #3) by Harper Sloan

Beck was an okay book. I loved this series and I am probably going to be very sad when it ends. I loved how entwines all the characters and it alternates character's POV. I love knowing what the other character is thinking and feeling. I think dual POV books are my favorite. However, Beck isn't my favorite book from the series. So far Axel's story is my favorite and it will probably change when I read Maddox's book.

Beck starts out with Dee having a little back story of why she is the way she is. Then it picks up when she is an adult but 2 years before. She meets Beck, they have some fun, she freaks out, they end their sort of relationship. The stuff that happens 2 years before happens in the previous 2 books. It explains why she is so screw up and everything that was happening to her mentality during those books. Then the book gets to the current time and year. Beck is still in love with Dee and Dee is trying to live. She really isn't living but existing. She is having a hard time letting go of everything that happen to her when she was younger and during the past couple of years. She pushes everyone away or puts a fake smile on and makes everyone think she is fine.

After Dee ended her relationship with Beck, she got close to Maddox. He is there for her and is the only one that knows some of what happen to her. She isn't with him sexual. He is just a close friend. She has him looking into her business. She noticed some things were off and wanted to know what was going on. Beck talks Dee is getting help for her problems and she slowly starts making progress into her recovery.

Dee gets a called that she is needed in another state for her company. She gets attacked when she gets there. Beck runs to her side and stays with her the whole time she is in the hospital. Then he takes her home and doesn't let her leave his side. Beck is scared Dee is going to slip back into herself. However, Dee doesn't. She is tried of living inside her self and being scared. She decides the only way to fully heal is to talk about what happen to her. She tells Beck about her past. Then she tells her best friends Izzy and Greg. Izzy and Greg are hurt and sad that something was wrong and they were too busy living their lives to notice anything. Greg is also glad Beck stay by Dee side through everything.

After the attack, the boys at Corps Security try to get to the bottom of things. Dee gets a threatening note. Beck gets scared again for Dee. Dee almost gets attacked again but Coop somehow gets shot instead and dies. Everyone is dealing with that. Beck has always been the rock for Dee and during the grief period after Coop's death Dee gets to be Beck's rock. Dee loves being there for Beck. She gets to pay him back for everything he has done for her.

Dee does get attacked a third time. She is with Coop's brother this time and at home but she fights back. She is tired of being scared and weak and decides to fight. Beck is proud of Dee when he finds her and she is fighting a man 3x her size. There is a lot of other stuff that happens. There is some sex, some crazy truths about Dee's past that come out and a shocking Maddox's confession.

I enjoyed this book. I didn't think it was as great as Axel's book but it was okay. I liked Dee and Beck in the previous 2 books and I was finally glad when they got together. They had been through so much and I was ready for them to have their happy ending. Dee did get of my nerves a little. I know it's hard to talk about your past and your past can screw you up more than everyone thinks but Beck was a constant person in her life. She should have open up to him a little in the beginning and let him know what was going on. I loved Beck. He stay by her side and never gave up on her. Dee kept thinking he was going to run and I'm glad he didn't. I loved the side of Dee that Beck brought out. She was funny, happy and carefree. Towards the end of the book I really started liking Dee again. I hated her parents and the author could of just killed them off in the book. I know she was screw up partly because of them and I hated parents that don't love their kids no matter if it's just a book. They still pissed me off.

I can't wait for Maddox's book. I want to know about him. I hate having to wait to the last book in the series to get his story. I think Maddox is my favorite character in the series. He is mysterious and I can't wait.

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