Thursday, January 9, 2014

Trust In Me (Wait For You #1.5) By Jennifer Armentrout

I loved this book. I love the whole series but I think this book was my favorite. Trust In Me is Cam's POV of what happens in Wait For You which is in Avery's POV. It is basically the same book but there are parts that are different. I got to see a different side to Cam, his friends, his family and what goes on in his head.

While I was reading Wait For You, I kept wondering what Cam was doing or how was he feeling and I got to find out. There are some parts in this book that aren't in Wait For You and I loved those parts. Cam hanging out with his friends, talking to his parents about Avery, and having a little heart to heart with his sister. I think Cam's relationship with his sister is what makes him so caring and loving to Avery and her problems.

Cam is one of my book boyfriends. He just is so sexy, charming, caring and funny. I will never look at cookies the same after reading this book. And I want a pet turtle now. I liked how Cam called Avery shortcake in his head through the whole book and at the end let it slip out. The way Cam describes Avery, she kind of does remind me of strawberry shortcake.

I glad the author wrote a book in Cam's POV.

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