Monday, November 10, 2014

Tied (Tangled #4) by Emma Chase

Tied was a great conclusion to Drew and Kate's story. I didn't really see a point in the book since it didn't really have a plot. Tied is told from Drew's POV. It has the same great characters all the other books in the Tangled series have. I love Drew and his thoughts. The Tangled Series was the first set of books I ever read in a man's POV and I absolutely loved them. I think I am going to miss Drew and his bizarre thoughts a little. He is like no other guy I have ever read about. 

Drew is still the same guy. Kate is still the same girl. They have been through everything as a couple and are finally getting married. Tied is about the bachelor/bachelorette parties in Las Vegas. There isn't a big climax or problem the couple faces. It just about one night the couple went out separately and had some much needed fun before their big day.

Drew knows Kate is the love of his life and he can't wait to marry her. He doesn't want anyone else. The only thing that the couple sort of dealt with was the morning after the parties. Drew can't find Kate and he thinks he made a huge mistake that Kate isn't going to forgive him for but that's cleared up within 5 pages. There is a little bit of steamy sex but it's a little low. The other books in the series had more.

I love Steven and Alexandra and I wish there was a book on how those 2 came about. I love them as a couple and as individuals. The other secondary characters are great too but Steven and Alexandra are my favorite. I think my favorite part in Tied was Drew trying to change Matt's and Dee's baby's name. I thought it was funny and just like something he would do.

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