Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Assistant by Elle Brace

The synopsis promised something great. The reviews said it was good. What I read was anything and everything but great. It had potential but fell flat.

Emily was annoying to me. She blushed way too much over the littlest things. She was 24 years old for crying out loud. She couldn't say the word sex. She called penis, "it". She couldn't look at a naked man without covering her eyes and making a big deal about it. She couldn't even get undressed in front of a guy. She got uncomfortable anytime her boss got to close to her. She kept reminding me that Adrian was her boss. I got that fact the first 20 times I read it. I didn't need her constantly reminding me. Emily was plain childish. She was suppose to be fat or at least that's what the females in the books called her but the guys loved her and wanted her. The guys made her seem super sexy but then why didn't she have a boyfriend. In fact, she only had one boyfriend her whole life, so she couldn't be that desirable. The females in this book were just plain stupid. They were petty. They called her fat and made her seem like she was scum.

I never read a book before where literally every guy that met the main female wanted her but in this book that was the case. Every guy that was introduced wanted Emily. It was so annoying and unreal. The waiter, or should I say waiters because there were a lot of them, the best friend of Adrian's, Adrian's business associates, random guys walking by, literally every man in this books wanted her.

Adrian was supposed to be a hot playboy. And with all the females that came and went, I saw it. I however, didn't see what made him want Emily so much. He was protective, super jealous and rich. He had a sweet side that we barely ever saw though. He too seemed way too childish. He always made suggestive comments to Emily. He was like a horny teenage boy more than a grown man.

I felt this book was really a high school drama and they changed some things to make it an adult read.

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