Thursday, November 20, 2014

Captivated By You (Crossfire #4) by Sylvia Day

I liked Captivated by You. This series is so long but after reading Captivated by You, I am one book closer to finishing the series. It's taken too long for the books to come out. I read the third book in the series over a year and a half ago and I forgot most of everything that had happen and what was going on. When I started reading this book, I was confused and had to stop. I reread the other 3 books first, just so I would know what was going on. Captivated by You is mostly Gideon's story. There are parts that are in Eva's POV, but not as many. I liked reading from his view. I liked getting into his head and getting a feel for what he was feeling.

The book picks up right where it left off. Gideon and Eva are more than ever in love. Gideon is still trying to deal with his past and Eva is standing by his side. I love their relationship. It's very passionate. I didn't like the part where Gideon called Eva a bitch. It just seems degrading to me. He's her husband, yet he calls her such a mean name. I know he was mad at the time, but that isn't an excuse. There is tons of sex, but I think that's how they connect. They know they love each other and want to be together, but I think the mind blowing sex actually shows it to the other person. They're deeply connected with the other person during those times. They also argue and fight alot it seemed like. If they weren't having sex, they were fighting.

Gideon and Ireland make progress in their relationship. I like reading about them two. They have came so far in the sibling relationship and I hope they continue. It seemed like Gideon regrets not being around when Ireland was younger and he's trying to make up for it now. I still don't understand Gideon's and his relationship about his brother. Christopher hates him something fierce. I didn't know a sibling could hate someone that much. It seems like Christopher is jealous of Gideon for some reason. I like reading about Gideon when he was hanging out with his friends. He almost seemed normal and human. He laughed, joked and was a normal 28 year old guy. It was refreshing.

Gideon is still very much dealing with his past. I was happy when the truth finally came out. I had suspected what happen to him, but him finally coming out and saying was worth reading this book. I feel like I am in the loop in Gideon's and Eva's relationship. I was shocked about Gideon's stepdad not knowing what happen. I would think there would have been some clues as to what was going on. I was also shocked how he reacted when he found out. He loves Gideon like his own and couldn't believe it.

I hope the next book comes out sooner rather than later and it's the last book in the series. As much as I loved Gideon and Eva, I just can't stay committed to them much longer. It's about time they got the happy ending they deserve.

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