Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Under Locke by Mariana Zapata

Under Locke was not for me. I didn't like it. There were parts of the book that were okay but overall the book wasn't that great. I was expecting a lot with this book and was let down big time. It was suppose to have a motorcycle hottie that is in a motorcycle gang of sorts but it fell short. It didn't even seem like a real motorcycle gang to me. The plot needed a little work and there was questions that were left unanswered. It was too long too. The story went on for too long. Some of the repetitiveness could have be cut out.

Iris was too naive for me to handle. I couldn't stand her at all. I think she is the reason I didn't like the book. She was too young, too in her head, too nice and she repeated everything a hundred times. The book needed a strong female and Iris wasn't it. The author tired to make her strong with her going through so much at a young age but everything that she went through didn't make her strong, it made her whiny. She let everyone tell her what to do and treat her like a child. She needed to stand up for herself. The times when it seemed like she was trying to stand up for herself seemed forced and not right. Iris annoyed me plain and simple.

Dex seemed like an uptight asshole. He was mean, rude and didn't care if he hurt people's feeling. I liked his character's potential but I didn't like how his character was. He needed a little work. He was a hottie and was older but I don't see why he felt so protective of Iris but then was so hurtful towards her. He didn't like anyone else being mean to her but it was okay for him to be.

I don't think the author knew where she was going with this story. Iris would be in her head describing something and that would make her remember something that happen to her. Iris kept saying she had a best friend that she used to live with but she never called her or went to see her. It was like this friend was a ghost or imagery.

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