Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Forever With You (Fixed #3) by Laurelin Paige

I loved this final book in the Fixed Series. I think it was my favorite of all the books in the series. The author really knows what she is doing. This book didn't disappoint. It answered all the questions I had and all the secrets were finally revealed. This book is different from other romance books I have read in the past.  The book is from Alayna's POV, which is okay but I would have loved to hear from Hudson's mind a little bit. This book picked up right where the second book ended.

Alayna and Hudson loved each other deeply even though they had been through so much and had made tons of mistakes. They say they trust each other but there are so many times when its the complete opposite. They both have messed up pasts that they are trying to get pass. They both want to heal and what better way than with someone just as damaged as you are. They understand each other.

Forever With You begins with Alayna having a nightmare about the question everyone wants to know. What is on the tape that Hudson's sister's assistant Stacy has. Most of the book is about this tape and Alayna not being able to trust Hudson. Hudson constantly tells her to trust him. He's trying to protect her. But things keep happening that make it hard for her to trust him. Hudson decides it's too hard for him to deal with and leaves.

Alayna had a very good reason to not trust Hudson. He was hiding a huge secret that could destroy them and their already shaky relationship. Hudson pissed me off a lot in this book. I just want him to tell Alayna what was going on. I though I knew where this book was headed but I was throw off when it was finally revealed. I always wonder if Hudson was playing a game or did he really like Alayna from the beginning. In the first 2 books, I always thought he was just playing her. I was glad that he cared for her and was indeed playing a game but it was just to protect her.

Alayna's jealousy and insecurity annoyed me a lot in this book. She was jealous and insecure in the first 2 books but it seem liked it was up a whole 100 degrees. I know it can be hard to trust someone you love when their actions are telling you not to but Alayna should have trusted Hudson a little. He was only trying to protect her and he never gave her a reason not to trust him. Everyone else around him was the ones telling her not to trust him. She should have listen to him. She was in the relationship with him not everyone else. I did wish he would just tell her what was going on and put her out of her constant asking misery. Alayna always bring the same thing up pissed me off.

Hudson and Alayna get back together and they decided to get married. Hudson tells her everything and all their dark secrets are out in the open. Hudson's mom gets the help she desperately needed.  I loved how deeply their love ran for each other. They never gave up on each other even when they should have. When they had high moments, they were extremely high but the lows were horribly low. It seemed like they had a hard time finding a middle level.

I loved how Alayna was the one with the stalker past and was always being too clingy with her boyfriends. When Hudson first leaves she does text him a lot but he doesn't seem bothered by it. Once his secret come out and Alayna leaves, he's the one constantly texting her. I liked the role reversal thing. It proved to me he needed her just as much as she needed him.

I am sad that another book trilogy of mine has ended. It is hard to find a good book to read and when I do, I never want them to be over.

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