Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tainted (Torn #3) by K.A. Robinson

Tainted is in 3 parts. The first part is from Drake's POV and tells his side of what happen after Chloe left him. The second part is from Chloe's POV and is about their love being rebuilt after getting back together. The last part one chapter and is about Drake going home to Chloe to see his baby be born.

This book wasn't really my favorite. I only read it because I wanted to know what happen. There was a lot of repetitive stuff. I mostly skip parts just to get it over with. I could skip a whole page and it was still talking or describing the same exact thing. It seemed like the book dragged on.

Drake seemed a lot more whinier than in the previous books. He complained about everything and wasn't happy. I didn't like the whole drug addicted thing. I know that was apart of the book but reading it from his POV just blew my mind. I didn't understand why he just couldn't quit. He had already lose Chloe and she was supposedly the most important person in his life. It shouldn't have been that hard. I was glad that the author described his time in rehab.

Chloe seemed like she had grown a lot. She seemed a lot more mature. I like how she was willing to give Drake another chance since he was clean again. I loved the second part and how they were trying to find their way back to each other and heal their relationship. I was also glad they got married. I think out of the whole book, Drake planning the wedding so Chloe didn't have to was my favorite part in this not so great book.

This book isn't that great but it could have been better. I think the author just wrote it to give readers and fans a conclusion to Drake's and Chloe's love story. There really wasn't a point to this book other than that. There wasn't even a big climax or turning point. It seemed like the book should have been longer just so it could have something dramatic happen. 

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