Monday, December 29, 2014

The Game Plan (A Neighbor From Hell #5) by R.L. Mathewson

The Game Plan is the 5th book in the Neighbor From Hell series. I had high hopes for this book. I had waited what seemed like for ever for this book and was sadly let down. It didn't suck but it wasn't great to me either. I absolutely love the series and can't get enough of it, but this book wasn't like the other books in the series. It lacked a lot of what makes the series so great.

The other books are always super funny and have steamy sex scenes and The Game Plan didn't have that. There were some funny moments but it wasn't like the other books. Normally, I laugh out loud and this one I barely cracked a little smile. I always loved how the Bradford men love their food and are crazy about eating and everything and anything that deals with food and The Game Plan didn't have that. It had some but it was scaled down a lot. The sex was even sucky. There was barely any in the book.

Bradford men normally are crazy about their girl too and Danny wasn't crazy about Jodi. He knew he wanted her but he wasn't crazy like the men in the books previous him. I loved that some of the past characters from the other books made little appearances. I think if it wasn't for them, I would have stop reading the book instead of finishing it.

The characters were okay. They had a lot of background. Danny was a typically Bradford man. He was tall, sexy and built in every way possible. Jodi was a bit annoying. She friendzone every guy that got close to her. She thought of herself of every guy's kid sister instead of something that could be desireable. She had low self esteem. She whined a lot about how her ex was horrible and left her with debt. She too was annoyed and didn't like Danny at first but every girl that meets a Bradford man never likes them at first. Danny was always talking about his game plan with Jodi which got annoying.

The book in told in multiple POVs and it would have been nice if the author wrote at the beginning of the chapter whose POV I was reading from. It was sort of confusing trying to figure it out. There were also so many errors with spelling and grammar. Also it was stupid how the author wrote and sentence and stop in the middle. She did it several times. I want to read full sentences not be stop mid way through. The book was also hard to follow in some parts. It seemed to jump around a little bit.

I hope the next book in the series is better and it has all the greatness that comes with the series.

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