Monday, December 15, 2014

Ripped (Real #5) by Katy Evans

Ripped is a great read to me. It's an amazing love story and seems very real. It's about first love, first heartbreak and second chances. Someone's first love always screws a person up. No person is ever the same after they experienced their first heartbreak. It changes people. Pandora had her first heartbreak when she was a teenager and it screwed her up bad. In the first couple of books in the series, Pandora was always bitter and mean. After reading Ripped and getting into Pandora's head, I see why she was so bitter. She was just hurting and taking it out on everyone else around her. Ripped is told in both Kenna's and Pandora's POV.

Pandora wants what her friends have. She wants love, the all consuming type but she also hates love because of her past. She also seems to hate men in general. Her first boyfriend, Kenna which was also her first love, said he loved her and then left her. He lied to her and it ended up hurting her. She never got over it. Years later and his name still gives her butterflies. She hates him or tries to but can't. She wants him too bad. He proved her right about every guy in the world. She's scared to trust him again too.

Kenna wants Pandora. He's always wanted her. He left her to protect her and always was gonna go back for her when he proved her mom that he was good enough for her. Kenna didn't want to leave Pandora like she thought he did. Her mom was holding something huge over his head and he left to keep her safe and save his father. I loved that after so many years apart and Kenna still wants Pandora more than he wants to breathe. Kenna and Pandora have the all consuming love and Pandora never even knew it.

I loved that Pandora couldn't say "I Love You". Normally, it's the guys that have a hard time with saying it but in this case it was her. I think she was afraid she would lose herself if she said it. It was like giving herself full to another person and trusting them to care about her and not hurt her. She had only ever said "I love you" to her dad and he ended up betraying her, so she was scared.

I was glad Pandora found happiness. She was also so sad and hurt and at the end was happy. She was smiling and laughing which is so unlike her. She changed and I loved it. She learned to trust Kenna again which is hard to do when the trust has been broken. She forgave her and got her happy ending.
Ripped kind of ended with a cliffhanger of a sorts. Their story is far from being over. I want to know what happens next and if they find their baby.

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